Want to fast-track your startup
practice to get 5+ years of growth...

...and start to make a profit
in less than a year?

Introducing The Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework (PARF®):

Discover How to Launch an Immediately Successful Orthodontic Practice This Year

8 Years

Testing & Development


Added to Partners’ Production


Average Return On Investment

From Startups to 8-Figure Practices...

HIP's Proprietary PARF® Framework Has Grown 100+ Orthodontic Practices Coast to Coast

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To get patients, you'll need to invest in marketing, but...

How Much Should You Plan To Spend On Marketing & Advertising?


of Your Year #1
Production Goal

The Small Business Administration recommends companies under $5M spend 7 to 8 percent of revenue on marketing. But that’s for companies with profit margin in the 10-12% range.


Because your margins are higher and your competition is strong, you should invest MORE.


The more you invest now, the faster you’ll hit your long-term growth goals.

Your Startup Orthodontic Practice
Year #1

Planned Revenue: $500K to $1M

Marketing Budget: $50K to $100K

"Wow! That's A Lot Of Money..."

So Who Actually Spends THAT MUCH On Marketing?

These are just some of the GREAT brands we've partnered with:

Knecht Orthodontics Grew from $0 to $2M In Just 2 Years With HIP!

"Getting patients in the door for consults is by far one of the most critical components to practice success/growth which is why marketing is so important.

HIP helped me get visibility quickly and start making a profit in less than a year.

I know doctors who work 5 or 10 years to get to this level and it's all happened so quickly. I couldn't have done that on my own."

Dr. Kristen Knecht
HIP Partner since 2020

How Should You Spend Your
Marketing Budget?

Build a Winning Brand

Professional Brand Identity Design

Branding - Sales Page

Boost Online Visibility

Conversion-Optimized Website & SEO

Create Leads on Demand

Digital Advertising Strategy

Turn Leads Into Patients

Expert Staff Training

Why Does Training Matter to a Startup?

The question that started it all 4 years ago was...

Why Were 10% of Our Partners Generating 90% of the Profits?

Speed to Lead: The Surprising Science Behind
Starting More Patients from Digital Leads

1. Response Time

The 5 Minutes Between Fully-Booked and Business-As-Usual

2. Persistence

The "Rule of 6" That Doubles Your Chances of Success

HIP "Secret Shop" Reports

This practice GREW from $200K to $2M in just 16 months...

While this practice complains that "digital ads give us bad leads..."

Mindset is 80% of the Battle

Every Opportunity is a Good Opportunity

There Are No "Bad Leads," Only Broken Processes

Yes, digital leads are different than referrals or phone calls. That’s why you need the proven framework for consistently and reliably turning digital leads into paying patients…

What could be MORE important than Speed to Lead?

⏱ The 72 Hour Rule ⏱

See The New Patient As QUICKLY As Possible

We live in a time in which consumers want everything NOW.

Scheduling your new patient consults within 72 hours of your first successful contact multiplies new patient starts!

What is the ROOT CAUSE of Startup Practice Growth?

What Happens When Your Startup Deploys Our Proven Growth Playbook?

“I wish I knew how feasible it is to do a startup with the right team. It would have saved me a tremendous amount of stress and lost sleep, and I would have likely done it sooner.” – Dr. Kristen Knecht

From Startup to 471% ROI During a Pandemic with PARF®

Dr. Kristen Knecht opened the doors to her brand-new practice just days before the COVID pandemic hit. But with the help of PARF®, she’s still brought over half a million dollars worth of digital leads into her pipeline in just 10 months. You don’t need years of experience and the support of local GP’s to build a successful practice, you just need PARF®!

60% Year-Over-Year Growth

Dr. Craig Murphy partnered with a national budget marketing firm to launch his practice but didn’t feel they understood the ortho space. Shortly after, he implemented HIP’s PARF® framework and he’s been “thrilled” with the results:


“When I made the decision to grow, I came to HIP with the desire and funding. Y’all are similar to an investment advisor– a TRUE GROWTH PARTNER.


I am up 60% this year!”

“PracticeBeacon is a special piece of software. I sleep better at night knowing that patients aren’t falling through the cracks.” – Dr. Craig Murphy

“What you guys do — marketing, PracticeBeacon, the coaching — is the main reason for my growth! It’s
been crazy ever since I partnered with you guys!”
– Dr. Harris

"HIP is the Main Reason for My 33.6% Growth This Year"

Dr. Harris has been practicing for 3 and half
years, and he’s looked to HIP to help him raise his revenue and profits.


We have to remove barriers for patients to start treatment. People want to do this, so we need to make sure it’s not easy to say no.

Introducing PARF®

The Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework

The proven 3-part framework that’s helped 170+ orthodontists turn digital leads into patients and scale their practices faster than they thought possible.

New Patient Journey



Build Connection

Free Consult
Present Plan

Sign Contract
Start Treatment


Attract More High-Quality Leads

Growth starts with a strong brand and lead-generation strategies.

PARF® guarantees that you’re putting a strong brand out into the world, to attract the best possible leads.


Search & Social Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Reputation Management

Email Marketing Campaigns



Brand Identity
& Logo Design


Convert Your Leads Into Paying Patients​

Our PracticeBeacon software becomes your
control center for lead conversion.


Prepare Your Front Desk to Close More Deals

Our orthodontics sales experts will coach your team through creating and implementing processes that help you book more consults every month.

PARF® Orthodontic Growth Framework

Your Growth Starts Now

PARF® gives you every tool you need to quickly create scalable, high-ROI growth.
From getting leads to starting patients to building your reputation — it's all included.
Explore the toolset that will change everything for your practice:

Website Design & Development

Conversion-Optimized Website

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search & Social Ads

Profitable Digital Ad Campaigns

Reputation Management

5-Star Reputation Management

Email Marketing Campaigns

Sales-Driving Software

Video Production

World-Class Staff Training


95% Partner Retention Rate

Your Startup Will Succeed

But First, You Have to COMMIT to Growth!

100% of our startup partners that fully implemented our marketing, systems, and software systems in the PARF® framework returned positive ROI within 6 months of starting the program!


And that high-profit growth doesn’t stop — as proven by a 95% partner retention rate that’s unheard of in orthodontic marketing.


Will you be our next 7-figure startup practice?


When you’re ready to fully commit to executing an explosive growth plan for your new orthodontic practice, PARF® can put you on a growth track in as little as 3 weeks…

Don't wait! Your dream practice
could be just 21 days away...

🚀 21 Days to Launch 🚀

After you sign your contract to start PARF®, we can have your first ads running and your team ready to convert new leads into clients in just 21 business days.


Here’s what your first 21 days will look like:


Discovery Call

We’ll discuss where you are in your practice today, your current process, and your goals for the future.


Solutions Call

We’ll reveal the exact steps we’ll take to get your practice growing over the next 12 months.




Welcome Email

Congrats on investing in yourself! Within a day of signing the contract, we’ll send a message to welcome you to PARF® and schedule your kickoff call.



Kickoff Email

In this message, we’ll lay out the materials we’ll need and the timeline to ensure you're on track to launch your frst ads in 21 days.



Worksheets & Access to Accounts

You have 3 days to fill out our discovery form and worksheets and give us access to the accounts we’ll need.

DAY 11


Kickoff Call

With your info in-hand, we’ll walk your team through implementing the conversion-boosting strategies of our PARF® framework.

DAY 15


Web Discovery Call

Together, we'll review your current website and discuss our strategy to optimize your online presence through powerful SEO, design, and content.

DAY 21


Your Ads Go Live!

It's showtime! We'll get on a call to discuss the final ads before pushing the launch button on your new campaign. You might even book new patients on the same day!


DAY 31


2-Week Check-In

After 2 weeks of ads, we’ll review your success together and discuss how PARF® can help you build even more momentum with new patient starts!

NOTE: The timeline is approximate, based on business days, and depends on your team getting us all the info we ask for within the indicated timeframes.

Ready to Launch?

Let's book your PARF® launch date today!