The use of telehealth exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic as practices worldwide struggled to provide quality care while social distancing. But even as the pandemic slowed and safety precautions eased, the use of telehealth remained stron, and still accounts for 8% of total healthcare visits.

That’s 700% above the pre-Covid baseline of 1%. It’s an aggressive trend that shows no signs of stopping. By 2025, it’s estimated that over 43% of the US population will be regular telehealth users.

Telehealth’s popularity with patients is a driving factor behind its growth. According to a recent survey, 74% of patients experienced shorter wait times, 91% found telehealth more convenient than office visits, and 91% were willing to use telehealth again.

Among the many telehealth software solutions to benefit from this growth is Rhinogram, an online patient care platform started by Dr. Keith Dressler way back in 2015. Let’s look at what Rhinogram is, how it helps doctors and patients, and what users are saying about the software.

What Is Rhinogram?

Rhinogram is a top-rated telehealth software that adds easy-to-use virtual care to any practice. It’s helped over 10 million patients access virtual care and helped doctors grow their business by an average of 30% by helping them serve more patients faster than ever.

You can use Rhinogram to send and receive text and images using your existing phone number, set up live video calls, and handle paperwork and payment remotely.

What Does Rhinogram Do?

Rhinogram offers secure, encrypted, two-way communication between doctors and patients that is 100% HIPAA compliant. And it does it without making your patients download an app, connect to high-speed broadband or remember the password to a clunky patient portal.

Instead, Rhinogram uses simple technology that anyone can access— like text messaging, phone calls, and video calls patients can execute using just a mobile phone. This democratizes the telehealth experience to make it accessible to more people, regardless of age, location, or technology.

How Does Telehealth Benefit Patients?

Rhinogram benefits patients by giving them access to on-demand care, even if they can’t get to the doctor’s office.

It’s estimated that 67% of missed medical appointments are due to transportation issues.

Rhinogram makes care much more accessible, especially in rural or underserved areas where travel time and mass transit availability are significant obstacles to care.

Patients can easily send text and images to their doctor for quick answers to health concerns.

And it keeps older or limited mobility patients from trekking all the way to the office for something simple, like prescription renewals or follow-up visits.

How Does Virtual Healthcare Help Doctors?

Rhinogram saves doctors and their practices time and money by using telehealth to meet the patient where they are.

Doctors can triage patients remotely with video calls and determine if an in-person visit is necessary.

Text messaging allows patients to get quick answers to their questions, while reducing the number of time-consuming phone calls.

And new patient intake is quicker with electronic forms and e-signatures, which frees up time for more appointments. It all adds up to better care for patients faster than ever before.

Who Can Use Rhinogram?

Rhinogram’s telehealth software is already making a wide variety of specialty care clinics’ communications more efficient. Since it is HIPAA-compliant and secure, Rhinogram can be configured for any healthcare facility. It is already helping doctors and patients in orthodontics, primary care, pediatrics, behavioral health, and dozens more.

What Are Rhinogram’s Best Features?

Virtual Waiting Room

Rhinogram lets you collect new patient information and consent remotely with customizable electronic forms and e-signatures. Patients can also send information like proof of insurance, all with HIPAA-compliant security and records of communications.

Video Calling

Live video lets you consult with patients remotely through a link sent to the patient’s phone. Patients don’t need to download an app to join a video call and they can access their call from a smartphone with as little as one bar of cell service.

Smart Routing

With Smart Routing, you can tag specific conversations to specific staff members, invite staff members into a conversation, or route messages to different departments like the front desk or billing.

HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging

Send and receive secure, encrypted text messages and pictures right on the Rhinogram platform. Rhinogram makes your existing landline phone text-able. No additional lines, portals, or apps are necessary.


RhinoPay adds contactless payment to your practice. Patients can pay with a credit card right from their smartphone using a secure text message link.

Analytics Dashboard

Rhinogram makes it easy to keep track of patient and staff behavior with easy to read reports. In addition, the analytics dashboard quantifies the interactions on Rhinogram to improve patient/practice relations.

Message Translation

Break through language barriers with message translation. Rhinogram automatically keeps HIPAA-compliant records of both versions of the conversation.

Social Media Messaging

Rhinogram integrates with Facebook Messenger so patients can communicate right from your Facebook Business page.

Template Library

You can customize frequently-used message templates to keep communication fast, easy, and consistent.

What Do the Review Sites Say About Rhinogram?

We checked out the major review sites to see what people think about the Rhinogram. Currently, Rhinogram is the highest-rated telehealth platform on all the major business software review and selection platforms.

  • Software review and comparison site G2 rates Rhinogram as one of their High Performers for Summer 2022, with a 4.8 Star review average.
  • Capterra lists Rhinogram as a Top Performer and Emerging Favorite for 2022, with a review average of 4.9 Stars.
  • And Rhinogram earned the FrontRunners badge on Software Advice with an average of 4.87 Stars based on over 60 reviews.

That kind of positivity across the board— plus over 10 million patients served— tells you that Rhinogram is getting something right!

The Rhinogram Reviews Are In, and Here’s What People are Saying:

“We love being able to communicate with ease via text with our patients.” Joy P.

Text messaging is one of the first things mentioned in Rhinogram’s many 5-star reviews. The text messaging feature in Rhinogram saves time versus phone calls. Plus, it lets both parties respond when it’s best for them, without the bother of disruptive rings or listening to long, winding voice messages.

“Simplicity. Extremely cost-effective. Saves an enormous amount of time for the entire office. Patients and staff love it!!! No APP is needed for patients.”  Chip C.

Rhinogram makes video calling easy, without requiring that patients download an app. You can determine if a patient’s needs can be addressed remotely, and book an appointment only if necessary. That leaves precious office visits open for patients that need them.

“The software is easy to use and minimal training is needed even for the least tech-savvy of the bunch.” Valerie M.

Rhinogram’s ease of use was a cut above the other telehealth software on the market. Team members from all age groups were able to use the basic functions right away. If you can send an email or a text message, you can use Rhinogram.

“We are able to send intake forms via text and have them filled out before new patients arrive, which has been very helpful in obtaining insurance information and making appointments faster.” Lisa T.

Rhinogram is a big time saver for a lot of reviewers. People loved the ability to handle paperwork digitally, thanks to HIPAA-compliant electronic document handling and e-signature.

“Rhinogram has made our work-life so much easier. We actually thought it wasn’t going to be such a useful thing, but once we started all of our patients were loving it, there is no way we can go back now!” Kahea M.

Rhinogram is a game-changer. Many reviewers can’t imagine returning to the old days of dropped calls, full voice mailboxes, and waiting all day for a return phone call. With Rhinogram, long waits, missed appointments, and insurmountable language barriers are over.

Could Rhinogram Be Just What the Doctor Ordered for Your Medical Practice?

Many of the practices that left reviews for Rhinogram talked about how it transformed their practice for the better. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution to help you reach and treat more patients, it sounds like Rhinogram is worth a look.

Go schedule a demo and see what Rhinogram can do for your practice today!