In terms of sheer power and the possibility of reach, it’s hard to find a more important tool for marketers everywhere than Facebook. Facebook advertising gives you not only a direct channel to the site’s 1.44 billion monthly active users, but according to an incredible 49% of those users are willing to like and engage with their favorite brands as they use the site throughout the day.

Despite this, there are still a number of common mistakes that far too many advertisers are making that are preventing them from feeling the full benefit of their campaigns. There are three common mistakes in particular that you’ll want to address at all costs moving forward.

1. You’re Not Targeting Fans

Part of success in marketing, regardless of the techniques you’re using, isn’t just about getting your message in front of the largest audience possible but getting it to the RIGHT audience. Because of this, it makes sense that your Facebook advertising should ALSO be geared towards that “right” audience” – namely, your fans.

Not only do ads geared directly towards those who have expressed interest, either in your brand or in products or services like the one you’re selling, have a much higher conversion rate, but they’re also inherently cheaper for the exact same reason. With the amount of personal information people are willing to put on a Facebook profile, it’s very easy to determine whether or not someone is already interested in what you’re providing. Making an effort to gear your campaign towards fans is a great way to take guesswork out of the equation.

Learn how “page like” ads work.

2. You’re Not Specific Enough With Your Audience

Another one of the major benefits of Facebook advertising is that you can get incredibly specific regarding who you’re marketing to and why. With a single Facebook profile you can find out a host of actionable information that used to take weeks to determine. You can find out their location and in most cases the city they live in within an approximately 25 mile radius. You can find out their age. You can find out what they’re interested in (and more importantly, what they’re not). You know what type of job they have and you even know who they work for.

Example shown from the Facebook Power Editor


Using all of this information to your advantage allows you to hyper target your campaigns towards the people who are most likely to buy your product or service based on these characteristics, increasing the success of your efforts across the board.

3. You’re Not Running Enough Tests

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the perfect Facebook advertising campaign. NEVER bet on that first ad image or that first ad copy. You should be creating lots of ads at first, making sure to test them all to see what works and what doesn’t. This gives you the benefit of being able to adapt and optimize moving forward, which will only make your ad cost go down while driving your conversions straight through the roof.


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