Best Orthodontic Podcast Episodes

5 Best Orthodontic Podcast Episodes You Must Listen To

GrowOrtho: Our Best Orthodontic Podcast Episodes & Incredible Guests

The GrowOrtho podcast is more than just an ordinary podcast. It is a library of incredible information, experiences, and industry knowledge completely dedicated to helping orthodontists grow and prosper in areas of business and personal life.

We have had the pleasure to work and interview some incredible orthodontic industry leaders and below you will find a few of our most popular and impactful podcasts. As you know, here at HIP our Focus extends beyond just the business of Orthodontics and Dentistry. It encompasses personal growth, productivity, health, and particularly mindset.

Below are our top 5 podcast episodes we encourage you to listen to. GrowOrtho also has been selected as a top podcast on Feedspot.

1. Unlock Your Full Potential: Luke Infinger Reveals His Life-Changing Morning Formula!

Host: Luke Infinger

Show Summary: In this episode, you get to share a space within Luke’s personal life and discover what has significantly improved how he lives and works. He contributes this to what he calls the “Morning Formula” and many great minds of people who have achieved extraordinary feats have spoken about the power of the mind.

I encourage you to take notes as you take a dive into understanding the importance of knowing exactly who you are, what you want, where you are going, and your principles, and learning how to use these as tools to help fuel an incredible life.

GrowOrtho Episode: The Morning Formula

Podcast Frequency: Weekly

Podcast Episode Length: 12 Minutes

2. The Scalable Practice: Introduction & Chapter 1

Host: Luke Infinger

Show Summary: As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to grow your organization. However, growth is not just about increasing revenue, customers, or market share. Sustainable growth is about creating long-term value for your business while ensuring that your operations are efficient, effective, and profitable. To achieve this, you need two foundational factors: processes and systems and a team that is accountable and aligned with your vision and mission.

Learn how and why building a team and a strategic plan around these four main components of business marketing, sales, operations, and finance.

GrowOrtho Episode: The Scalable Practice: Introduction

Podcast Frequency: Weekly

Podcast Episode Length: 31 Minutes

* 8 Chapters Total For The Scalable Practice

3. How To Find And Harness Your Passion

Host: Luke Infinger

Guest: Melissa Gardner

Show Summary: Luke and Melissa, HIP’s practice advisor who has 15 years of experience in dentistry and Orthodontics, share their perspective on passion. Without passion and without purpose you don’t have energy and if you don’t have energy when approaching each day how are you going to move forward and move the needle and get closer to your goals?

If you’re a doctor, office manager, or team member it is important that you understand that it is not just about your passion but why you need to spread that passion and energy to your team and beyond. That is why “Passion” is installed into our core values. HIP stands for Hunger, Integrity, and Passion.

GrowOrtho Episode: How To Find And Harness Your Passion

Podcast Frequency: Weekly

Podcast Episode Length: 12 Minutes

4. Experience The Future Of Orthodontics: KLOwen Affordable System for Precision & Personalization

Host: Luke Infinger

Guest: Dr. Brandon Owen

Show Summary: Every orthodontist strives to provide their patients with excellent treatment that gives them beautiful, healthy smiles. However, achieving this level of perfection requires more than just standard treatment and wire bends – it requires a truly customized approach. And this is where KLOwen Orthodontics comes in with their revolutionary custom digital modular system.

With KLOwen, orthodontists and their teams are empowered to provide exceptional, custom treatment that not only brings smiles to their patients’ faces but also builds practice success. In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into how KLOwen Orthodontics is changing the game for orthodontists and their teams.

We’ll explore the benefits of their custom digital modular system, including true straight wire mechanics, full engagement for occlusion, and individualized bracket RX and IDB precision bracket placement. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why KLOwen Orthodontics is the ultimate solution for achieving next-level practice efficiency.

GrowOrtho Episode: Experience The Future Of Orthodontics

Podcast Frequency: Weekly

Podcast Episode Length: 49 Minutes

5. Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Low Energy? A Transformative Framework for Orthodontists and Dentists

Host: Luke Infinger

Guest: Steve Adams

Show Summary: Many driven professionals such as dentists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and lawyers have given their whole life to their careers. They often prioritize the success of their business or practice before their own health, leading them to suffer from bad habits, unhealthy routines, and stress.

Learn how Tiger Medical Institute helps driven professionals recover and optimize their health by guiding them through a medical transformation and discovering how to feel great as a high performer.

GrowOrtho Episode: Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Low Energy?

Podcast Frequency: Weekly

Podcast Episode Length: 49 Minutes

I hope you get to enjoy the GrowOrtho podcast and learn how to stand strong in the market and be leaders within your community. We set out to help you unleash your true potential as a medical professional.

It goes beyond just understanding what is taught in dental school. Having the right mindset and strategy will take you and your business to new heights.

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