Effective Invisalign marketing for a dental practice can help you stand out in the highly competitive orthodontics market. While a marketing strategy can seem complex, expensive, or time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we cut through the noise to provide you with proven, practical strategies to attract and retain more Invisalign patients.

Why Invisalign Marketing Matters For Dental Practices

Since Invisalign started marketing its transparent aligner solution in 2000, it has straightened over 17 million smiles worldwide. Today, it’s no longer the cutting-edge technology that it seemed like a quarter of a century ago. Instead, it’s becoming the “clear” preferred choice of both teens and adults seeking orthodontic treatment.

The US clear aligner market will more than triple to $7.62B by 2030. Despite a flurry of competition, Invisalign still owns over 60% of the market share. Direct-to-consumer competitor Smile Direct Club went out of business in late 2023, leaving even more market share up for grabs for the runaway industry leader.

Hopefully, these numbers make it clear why being an Invisalign provider is essential to helping your dental practice attract patients. But, as more dental practices offer Invisalign, it’s no longer enough to offer Invisalign marketing your Invisalign services is critical to your success.

Effective Invisalign marketing educates potential patients while creating a pathway for them to start treatment at your practice rather than at a competitor’s. By implementing strategic marketing efforts, you’ll showcase the benefits of Invisalign treatments, improve patient satisfaction, and expand your patient base.

Showcase Your Invisalign Services Online

Give Invisalign Prime Real Estate On Your Website

Your dental practice’s website is a virtual front door for potential Invisalign patients, welcoming them to your practice and showing them what you do. If they don’t see Invisalign there right away, they may think you don’t offer it and head to a competitor’s site instead.

All Smiles Orthodontics in St. Petersburg, FL, does a great job of this:

Website Optimization

Do you notice how they feature Invisalign in their site navigation bar, making sure it’s one of the first things visitors see when they land on the page? They don’t need to search for it.

Then, they feature Invisalign again in the first main content section below the headline. This makes it clear to potential Invisalign patients that All Smiles is the local expert in Invisalign treatment, so why would they go anywhere else?

Utilize SEO Techniques

If you want patients to find your website for Invisalign treatment, you must also help Google know it’s your priority. And that means focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) on your website.

To start, you should create dedicated Invisalign service pages that feature high-quality images, patient testimonials, and all the information your patients need to take the leap and start their orthodontic treatment with your office.

Check out the navigation menu from Fishbein Orthodontics in Pensacola, FL:

SEO Technique

You’ll see that they have SIX different pages dedicated to Invisalign. Having so much content focused on Invisalign helps them send a signal to search engines that says, “Hey Google, we care about Invisalign!” Google will perk up and send patients their way.

Each of these pages features unique content and helpful information they’ll need to get started. Each page is also optimized for SEO by using the key terms in the page URL, meta title, meta description, and headline while strategically using the keyword throughout the page. They also mention their location on each page so that Google knows where they are, an essential step for local SEO.

For more details on optimizing your Invisalign pages for SEO, check out our Ultimate Guide to SEO for Dentists here.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Social media channels are the town squares of our always-online society. So, there’s no better place to share information, success stories, patient testimonials, and other resources you want to get out into the community.

If growing awareness around your Invisalign services is a priority, then social media marketing is a must. Your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages should be filled with happy patients and exclusive offers that focus on Invisalign. Offering free exams or limited-time discounts and running contests are a few ways to attract new Invisalign patients.

For more inspiration on using social media to grow your Invisalign sales, check out our article on social media marketing strategies for orthodontists.

Boost Local Visibility With Google My Business

When potential patients search for an Invisalign provider near them, your Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, may be the deciding factor in choosing a practice. While local SEO remains vital for your website, Google Business Profiles have leapfrogged traditional websites in effectiveness at reaching patients in your local area.

Your optimized profile should list Invisalign as one of your services (see the screenshot from Fishbein below). Also include up-to-date information, like contact info, locations, and holiday operating hours, to ensure potential patients can quickly find the needed information.

Google Search

But your Google Business Profile isn’t just about being found — it’s about being chosen. So, encourage patients to share reviews on Google and share photos and videos regularly.

Some of our clients’ Google Business Profiles have generated millions of views through Google Search and Google Maps! So consult our guide on maximizing your Google Business Profile to ensure you get the most from this incredibly powerful free resource.

Generate Invisalign Leads Through Content Marketing

Content marketing utilizes various forms of media across multiple channels to spread your message far and wide. Combining helpful and SEO-focused written content with compelling video content, you can make your practice the go-to Invisalign provider in your area.

Develop Engaging Invisalign Blog Content

Your website’s blog remains a potent tool in your digital marketing arsenal, thanks to its dual power of educating potential patients while bolstering your site’s search visibility, specifically in local SEO. Crafting content that directly addresses patient concerns and questions positions your practice as a go-to resource and boosts your traffic in search engine results.

By focusing on frequently asked questions and providing clear, comprehensive answers, your blog can become a magnet for traffic — especially with Google’s increasing emphasis on direct answers in search results. Look what happens when we search the question, “Is Invisalign better than traditional braces?”

Blogging SEO

Most prime, top-of-page real estate is given to the “People also ask” section rather than direct website links. If your blog content answers questions that potential Invisalign patients want answered, you’ll pop up more frequently in their searches.

Attract Attention With Video Content

While words still dominate search, social media has moved on to the video age. Facebook still sees slightly more engagement on photo-based organic posts, but video content does well. And video dominates engagement on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

You can create all kinds of Invisalign video marketing, from educational videos that demystify the clear alignment process to real-life patient testimonials and behind-the-scenes videos from inside your office. Sharing these videos across platforms like YouTube and Instagram boosts the online visibility of your Invisalign services while also helping you create a personal connection with potential patients.

Implement Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns

While earning free traffic through SEO and organic social media is ideal, if you want to grow, paid digital advertising must be a crucial part of your strategy. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment has a price tag that is high enough that our orthodontic partners can get an incredible return on investment (ROI) on paid ads, often from 300% to 1200% ROI!

Maximizing Google Ads

In the realm of paid advertising, Google Search and Display Ads are powerful tools for the effective marketing of Invisalign. Google Search Advertising lets you jump the line to get to the top of search engine results even when your SEO isn’t working. Even if your SEO is strong, buying top Invisalign keywords in your local area keeps other practices from jumping ahead of you to steal away potential patients.

Plus, Google’s Display Network Ads are a great way to retarget visitors who have interacted with your site or marketing materials but have yet to book a consultation. By consistently showing branded ads or specific offers to warm leads, you’ll ensure you stay top-of-mind and increase your chances of eventually winning their business.

Leveraging Social Media Advertising

Let’s face it: even if you’re creating great content, there are only so many folks who will like, share, or comment on posts from an orthodontic practice. If you want access to new audiences that social media provides, you must pay to play.

Social media ads offer a unique opportunity to engage with highly targeted audiences on platforms where they spend significant time. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok help you single out potential Invisalign patients by interests, behaviors, and geographic location.

Social media campaigns can be highly profitable if you know how to run them. If not, they can cost you a lot of money quickly for little return. If you’re thinking of heading aggressively in this direction, we recommend working with an orthodontic growth partner with a proven track record to ensure you’re set up for success.

Make It Easy To Choose Your Practice

Enhancing the patient experience is crucial for attracting prospective patients, converting them, and retaining them long-term. Make it as easy as possible for leads to choose you and make them so comfortable that they never want to leave.

Virtual consultations are a convenient entry point for potential Invisalign patients, allowing them to start treatment anywhere and anytime. Are they searching for Invisalign at 1:00 a.m. after a late night of studying? No problem. They can send in some pictures and feel like their journey to the perfect smile is already starting.

In-house financing options ease the immediate financial burden of orthodontic treatment. By providing personalized Invisalign payment plans that fit individual budgets, you make it easier for patients to say ‘yes’ to starting treatment with you.

Offering patient-friendly options like virtual consultations and flexible financing creates a positive patient experience. They streamline your patient’s journey to a better smile and help you convert them into loyal patients.

Strengthen Your Referral Network

A decade or so ago, many orthodontists used to live on referral traffic alone. While that’s no longer a valid marketing strategy for orthodontics, a robust referral network still pays highly profitable dividends. By fostering partnerships with local healthcare providers and implementing a referral program that rewards patients for bringing in new faces, you create a self-sustaining growth ecosystem for your practice.

Here are a few tips for reinforcing your referral network:

  1. Foster partnerships with local healthcare providers inside and beyond the dental world.
  2. Implement a referral program that rewards patients for bringing in new faces. Check out this article for tips on setting up and automating your referral program.
  3. Track and optimize your referral strategies through automated systems, ensuring that every successful referral is a seed planted for future growth.

However, the #1 key to building a more robust referral network is providing stellar patient care. If your patients feel cared for, listened to, and even pampered, they won’t stop singing your praises all over town. When you make patient satisfaction your top priority, your patients will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you!

Do You Need An Invisalign Marketing Agency?

Many of the things on this page might seem simple at first glance, so maybe you think you can do it yourself. And maybe you can. But, many of the high-leverage tactics, like paid advertising, can be challenging and very costly to get right if you don’t have the experience. A professional marketing agency that specializes in orthodontics will have a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to generate leads profitably.

Growth with Invisalign requires more than just marketing, however. Where most practices fail isn’t in generating enough Invisalign leads; it’s turning those leads into patients — and that’s not what marketing agencies do.

At HIP, we’re a dedicated growth partner for growth-minded ortho practices. We run incredibly profitable ad campaigns while giving orthodontists the tools and resources they need to start more patients. We’ve seen dozens of practices go from complaining about “bad leads” to scaling quickly, almost overnight, simply by implementing our framework and software systems to fuel their growth.

If you’re ready to boost your Invisalign marketing efforts while implementing the proven growth framework that’s built the nation’s fastest-growing orthodontics practices, contact us right now to learn more.

We’ve used our proprietary Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework (PARF™) to scale multiple practices to 8-figures, transforming lives and fulfilling dreams. If you’re serious about growing your orthodontic practice, we can make it happen.