The need for a powerful, integrated practice management system has never been greater for orthodontic practices. When it comes to keeping your operations on track, providing stellar care, and keeping your patients thrilled with their experience, the most recent wave of solutions is light years ahead of the options you had just a few years ago.

Greyfinch has emerged as innovative software, promising an all-in-one solution to attract new patients, schedule appointments, and revolutionize your entire practice. A comprehensive, cloud-based solution, Greyfinch offers an array of features designed to streamline office operations while significantly enhancing the patient experience.

In this Greyfinch software review, we’ll examine the features, benefits, pricing, and user feedback to see how it compares to other top contenders in the market.

Let’s explore how Greyfinch promises to transform your orthodontic practice for the better.

What Is Greyfinch Orthodontic Software?

Think of Greyfinch as the ultimate multitool for your modern orthodontic practice. It’s a HIPAA-compliant and fully cloud-based orthodontic practice management software that gives your office powerful tools to enable two-way patient communication while automating mundane and tedious tasks and making patients happier.

Imagine managing patient scheduling from anywhere, automatically sending appointment reminders, and using online forms to speed up patient intake. Greyfinch does all those things, but it goes far beyond simple patient scheduling with integrated telehealth capabilities, mobile records capture, simple e-signatures, and much more.

Greyfinch promises to help your practice operate with unprecedented efficiency. But how well do they live up to their promise? Let’s take a deeper look.

Exploring The Features

Greyfinch’s dental software has dozens of features designed to help orthodontic clinics save time by automating mundane tasks. We’ll break them down into several categories to keep everything organized.

Scheduling & Appointment Features

Online Appointment Widget

Greyfinch offers a convenient online booking widget that adds a no-code-needed button to your website, allowing patients to book appointments anytime. It helps you capture appointments even outside of business hours, maximizing accessibility for patients and driving up new exam rates. The real-time calendar integration ensures your schedule is always up-to-date, putting an end to overbooking issues that cause patients to get frustrated.

Customizable Scheduling Options

Greyfinch offers customizable scheduling options to accommodate different operational styles and patient needs. Whether you want to set specific time blocks for certain types of appointments or built-in buffer times between sessions, you can adjust the system to fit your operational preferences.

Integration With Practice Management Tools

Greyfinch’s scheduling system includes a full suite of practice management tools without needing to connect to external software. So, your entire workflow is connected—from appointments to patient records, appointment histories, and more—without depending on any third-party apps or software integrations that can break down and cause confusion.

Patient Communication Features

Greyfinch practice management software is equipped with advanced patient communication tools to improve the quality and consistency of your interactions with patients. These tools streamline communication, increase patient satisfaction, and optimize your entire office.

2-Way SMS & MMS Capabilities

A robust SMS and MMS service sits at the core of Greyfinch’s communication hub. You can use the platform to send and receive both text and multimedia messages. For example, patients can send you videos instantly to describe a problem or show you exactly the issue they’re facing. With text messages being the #1 preferred communication channel for dental patients, powerful text messaging functionality is fundamental to patient satisfaction.

While the messaging service is powerful, it is not clear from their website if you can send automated appointment reminders via text message (SMS) or email. Automated appointment reminders are a crucial feature of other orthodontic optimization software, like PracticeBeacon. These reminders reduce missed appointments and get patients to your office on time to help keep your team busy and on schedule.

Self-Service Patient Hub

Sometimes, the best communication doesn’t require communication at all! The Patient Hub on Greyfinch’s practice management software lets patients make or reschedule appointments, access medical forms, and update their personal information online. The full-service portal empowers patients and reduces the administrative burden on your staff, so it’s a win-win.

Secure & HIPAA-Compliant Communication

All the powerful communication tools, including emails, text messaging, and telehealth video calls, are HIPAA-compliant. So, you can exchange sensitive patient information over texts or emails while ensuring you’re maintaining the stringent standards required by federal law.

Front Desk Operations

Greyfinch brings a long list of operational efficiency features that revolutionize how your orthodontic practice manages daily office tasks, cutting down on busy work from patient onboarding to invoicing. Let’s take a look at the impressive list of features:

Efficient Onboarding

Greyfinch simplifies the patient onboarding process using electronic forms that patients can complete before arrival. When they book an appointment using the booking widget, the correct forms are delivered to their phone. This speeds up the intake process, eliminates paper waste, and allows your staff to review patient information before their appointment, helping you deliver 5-star service once they arrive in your waiting room.

Digital E-Signatures

Integrating e-signatures with your digital forms helps you obtain treatment consent and instantly close contracts securely from anywhere. Of course, it cuts back on paperwork again, but it also ensures that your documents are always readily accessible within the cloud.

Case Closer Technology

Greyfinch’s Case Closer feature is one of the most potent patient-closing tools on the market. It allows you to create modernized financial presentations with customized payment options to send to your patients. Then, those patients can choose their preferred option and sign the contracts right inside the app.

Any high-performing TC knows that payment terms can make or break your orthodontic practice’s growth. The software allows you to design and offer flexible payment options with low down payments, making it easier for patients to commit to treatment without financial strain. And because everything happens inside the Greyfinch platform, the user experience is seamless and intuitive.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Because Greyfinch is 100% cloud-based, your orthodontic professionals can access your practice management system from any mobile device, anywhere. This can be a lifesaver if you have multiple practices. It also makes it easy for your team to access the system and make updates from anywhere, even outside of traditional office hours.


The self-check-in feature allows patients to check themselves in on their phone and notifies them if any issues are outstanding with their account. It helps reduce wait times and frees staff to focus on more critical tasks.

Clinical Care

Greyfinch is full-service dental practice management software, so its business solutions don’t just help your front desk. Integrating records, imaging, and treatment plans helps keep your clinical staff organized and keeps everything you need at your fingertips at all times.

Integrated Telehealth Appointments

Grayfinch offers HIPAA-compliant video exams right inside the practice management system, so you don’t need external software or subscriptions. You can save your patients from extra trips to the office and free up your valuable chair time for appointments that require physical presence. Because everything is integrated, it keeps the telehealth process super simple and easy to manage for you and your patients.

Advanced Imaging & X-Rays

The platform automates the importation and management of X-ray images into your patients’ records. It’s easy to upload photos and crop or rotate them as needed. Greyfinch even uses AI to automatically trace cephalometric analyses, saving time and improving diagnostic accuracy!

Customizable Treatment Plans

The software allows you to create customizable treatment cards and treatment plans to tailor care to your patient’s specific needs. Patients can access their treatment plan through the Patient Hub, boosting patient engagement by making them feel like advocates for their care rather than passive observers.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

You may not look to your PMS to make your financial life easier, but Greyfinch has created some tools to do just that.

Automated Financial Autodrafts

Greyfinch enables automatic payment drafts and credit card charges to streamline billing and collections. You can automatically collect monthly payments on time without any manual work. It ensures consistency and cash flow while freeing up your team’s time for other tasks.

Accurate Ledgers & Invoicing

Keeping track of customer ledgers can be a challenge, especially when your PMS integrates with external systems. But Greyfinch keeps everything on the platform to keep your records clean. Payments post automatically to the oldest invoice, helping keep accounts receivable up-to-date.

Together, these features enhance the operational efficiency of orthodontic and dental practices and improve the overall patient experience by making processes smoother and more accessible. Greyfinch’s integration of these advanced tools into one platform demonstrates its commitment to driving innovation in dental practice management.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction seems to be at the core of many things that Greyfinch does well. In fact, it seems to emphasize that patients and orthodontists mostly want the same things — efficiency and ease of use. However, the platform does have a few features designed to help you measure and improve your relationship with your patients.

NPS Surveys

Greyfinch lets you choose to send your patients a simple survey after certain types of appointments. This survey called the Net Promoter Score, or NPS, asks them how likely they would recommend your practice on a scale of 0 to 10.

Reputation Management & Feedback

Based on your patients’ NPS rating, you can send them a request to leave you a review (high scores) or ask them to give you direct feedback (low scores). You’ll build your online reputation with happy patients while also hearing precisely what you can do to improve your services for your patients.

Greyfinch Pricing

Greyfinch doesn’t post its pricing publicly. However, we were able to uncover a few essential details about their pricing policy from their website:

  • No Long-Term Contracts Greyfinch offers a month-to-month pricing plan that you can cancel anytime without penalty. However, it’s unclear whether there is an upfront setup fee.
  • No Add-On Costs — Because Greyfinch is 100% cloud-based, there are no server fees or additional ongoing IT costs to run it. There’s also no software to install on your machines, and no coding is necessary.
  • No Licenses Greyfinch claims to offer flat-rate pricing with no licensing fees, so it appears the cost is the same regardless of the size of your practice.

Overall, the software has big supporters among startup practices online, indicating that the price is reasonable. The lack of add-on costs and long-term contracts helps practices to maintain flexibility with their practice management software.

Greyfinch User Reviews

For such comprehensive software, it’s remarkably hard to find public reviews from Greyfinch customers. They don’t have a page on major review sites like G2, GetApp, or Capterra. They feature some testimonials on their website, but we couldn’t see many people talking about Greyfinch in online forums or public spaces.

Based on our research and the feedback from a few practices we found online, here are some of the software’s highlights and lowlights.

The Best Of Greyfinch

Comprehensive Practice Management: Greyfinch’s best feature is integrating various aspects of practice management into one platform. Eliminating messy external integrations and making sure all your systems communicate with each other in real-time can significantly boost operational efficiency.

As Dr. Taylor Kaufmann of Kaufmann Orthodontics commented, “Excellent service and ability to eliminate third-party companies, simplifying the administrative workflow and saving money.”

  • Telehealth Features Users note that integrating telehealth capabilities is a crucial feature that helps their practices handle many checkups remotely, saving valuable chair time for patients who really need hands-on treatment.
  • Cloud-Based Flexibility The software’s cloud-based nature is a significant plus. It allows you to securely access appointments, patient data, or images securely from anywhere. It’s great for working from home or practices with multiple locations.

Dr. Kaufmann said, “The browser-based system is convenient for work at home, the office, or on my phone wherever I have cell service.”

  • Customer Service Multiple customers mentioned customer service as one of the highlights of Greyfinch’s small software team, which, according to LinkedIn, features just 29 employees.

Dr. Carley Warden of Ascend Orthodontics says, “We’re so thankful for their superb customer service and obvious drive to keep improving with every upgrade.”

  • Startup Practices Several of their reviews are by startup practices, mentioning how easy Greyfinch made the process. The lack of external integrations is seen as a significant benefit of a practice starting from scratch. Since they don’t have any existing sources of patient data to adapt to the new system and no external software to integrate, Greyfinch could be as close to a plug-and-play software as you’ll find in the practice management software space.

The Worst Of Greyfinch

Because the primary source of information about Greyfinch is Greyfinch’s own website, it’s challenging to find much public criticism. However, here are a few things we noted:

  • Learning Curve Integrating a new PMS is always a logistical challenge, and Greyfinch is no exception. An existing practice will be accustomed to working in a certain way and have established processes. Adapting to Greyfinch will take some flexibility and an adjustment period for your practice.
  • Lack of Resources It’s concerning to see a lack of public feedback or reviews for software of this size and complexity. If they are helping their clients with reputation management, why are they not doing the same for themselves? If they had a large enough base of happy clients, the reviews would eventually build organically.

Overall, the lack of public information means their client base isn’t that broad, which raises questions about their ability to continue to innovate and support their clients.

Is Greyfinch The Right Practice Management System For Your Orthodontic Practice?

Hopefully, you have the information you need to determine if Greyfinch is the right choice for your orthodontic office. Deciding whether Greyfinch fits your practice boils down to your specific needs. If your priority is to reduce external integrations with a single source of truth that lives in the cloud, Greyfinch might be an excellent choice.

Remember that adopting any practice management software involves a learning curve. Greyfinch feels particularly well-suited for startup practices or those transitioning from less complex systems. Consider trying out a demo or talking directly with Greyfinch’s team to determine if it fits your workflow.

We liked much of what we saw, but we’d like to hear some more balanced feedback from a wider variety of users before we feel comfortable recommending it confidently to our clients.