HIP Creative, the Pensacola, Florida-based digital marketing agency, is incredibly proud to announce the completion of a new high-end video for Rotation Medical. Rotation Medical is a medical device company built on leveraging the power of modern technology for the benefit of patients everywhere. It is particularly focused on new and innovative ways to treat rotator cuff disease.

The video work completed for Rotation Medical is a patient testimonial video, complete with footage of a real patient talking about her life-changing care she received in a visually compelling way. It also outlines the benefits of the Rotation Medical Patch, both in terms of the non-invasive care that it lets patients enjoy and with regards to the way it supports the efforts of surgeons and other medical professionals at the same time.

Watch the Video


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To find out more information about Rotation Medical, or to learn about the breakthroughs that the company is making in terms of treating rotator cuff disease and more, please visit their official website rotationmedical.com. To find out more information about the video production, digital marketing, and other inbound marketing services offered by HIP Creative, please visit our services page by clicking here.