Do you feel like you are just throwing your ad spend money away? Do you hear about companies that are crushing their Facebook ROI and think, “Why am I falling behind?” You need a system. That’s why we developed PracticeBeacon. Our lead conversion app allows your team to cut through the noise and focus on what matters — converting leads! With automated emails, texts, and calls, your staff is not spending their time on busywork, but on closing the sale! To start converting more leads to patients, request a discovery call today.


Capture New Leads
Turn Leads Into Patients

Improve Office Efficiency
Increase Revenue

Manage Your Pipeline
Stay Organized

Master Lead Follow-Up

Our proprietary lead conversion app will give your team the tools they need to master lead follow-up. Our system automates the boring stuff like texts, emails, and calls so your staff can spend their time talking to your new patients.

Join the Marketing Evolution

The marketing evolution is in full swing, and any business that is not proactive in modernization will get left behind. You may already see this transition taking place, most notably in the form of patients that seek help online first before they call your office. The entity that provides the answers to their questions, in the most clear and informative manner, will gain the trust of that searcher – potentially leaving you in the dust.

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Dental Implant Patient

By using these dental implant marketing ideas to reach an untapped market, you are elevating your practice to the next level of success. An effective marketing strategy for these devices will attract a new customer base that will increase the growth rate of your business and allow you to perfect more smiles than ever before.

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We know orthodontics. Our proven framework gives you the competitive edge to stand strong in your market. We get you in front of the right prospective patients at the right time. Our tried and true process reduces friction, making it easier than ever to engage, educate, and delight your patients.

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Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery

Building a credible online presence doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent digital marketing efforts, you can top search results and achieve your dream results in no time. We’ve implemented oral surgery marketing strategies and conducted field research that makes us confident that these methods lead to a significant increase in new patient appointments and periodontal practice growth.

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Dental Marketing Ideas That Work

By drawing in more prospective patients and showcasing your expertise and professionalism, you will increase new patient appointments, and your dental practice will enjoy a huge increase in revenue.

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