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Dental Marketing – The Key To Your Success

You’ve already mastered dentistry, and now you need customized a dental marketing strategy to let everyone know about your advanced skill set. Gone are the days of direct mail postcards and print advertisements. Through advanced digital dental marketing strategies, you can communicate your practice’s brand and boost recognition among a targeted audience. Marketing is a crucial part of the livelihood of dental practices and helps them attract new patients as well as retain current patients. When marketing is strategically employed with a clear message, you not only save marketing dollars but further set yourself apart as an authority in your field.

Dental Marketing Ideas for Dentists That Work!

We’ve cracked the code on how to sustain and grow a dental practice successfully, and we’ve streamlined our process down to a few key strategies that will help you better market your practice. In order to increase appointments among new and existing patients, it’s time to change the way you look at your brand.

Step 1: Define the Goals for Your Practice

Before you can effectively reach your intended audience, it’s key that you define what your goals are for your digital dental marketing strategy. You wouldn’t start a journey without a destination, and you can’t begin showcasing your practice without recognizing where you are and figuring out where you want to be. The only way to monitor a campaign’s success is to set milestones for social media, marketing emails, content marketing, and advertising. There are various approaches to online dental marketing, and it’s essential to find a campaign that works for you. Your practice is unique, and it takes a unique strategy to reach your goals. 

You can employ some digital dental marketing tactics in-house, but as you know, it often takes a trained hand to guide a project to its full potential. Once you define your goals, it will be easier to determine what path will lead you to the best return on investment. Our agency is skilled at partnering with dental offices and crafting intentional messages that elevate your recognition while staying true to your brand. 

Step 2: Set Your Marketing Budget For Your Dental Marketing Strategy

After you’ve established your dental marketing goals, it’s time to decide on a budget to reach these goals. When creating this budget, we suggest that you view it as a moving target. How much you allocate to this campaign budget should be informed by how established your practice is within search engine optimization and your office’s age. 

A great tool for newer dental practices trying to bring in more potential patients is Google AdWords campaigns. If you strive to be at the top of dental search engine results, it would be wise to invest in a long-term search engine optimization strategy. This will ensure that your practice’s name is the first thing people see in their search and attract more new appointments. 

Dental Internet Marketing: Budgeting Google Ads

The cost of Google Ads varies based on advertising competition in your area and the specificity of your targeted keywords. As you set a budget for Google Ads, you should consider where your practice is located and what the total cost-per-click is in the area.

As you select keywords to target, you’ll find that more general terms such as “dental implants” or “emergency wisdom tooth extraction” or “best orthodontist” that don’t include a geographic area will cost more. This is because they cover a larger area and have more competition among other dental offices. If you narrow your internet dental marketing and target more commercial intent keywords, such as “dentist in the city,” then your Google Ads budget can be smaller. These specific terms cater to a more intentional audience and won’t face as much competition.

It all depends on what you decide to invest into your marketing budget and what audience you want to reach. We understand that every practice is different, and your budget for Google Ads should reflect what makes your practice stand apart from the crowd and serve as the most significant selling point to potential patients.

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Your Dental Website - User Experience

The full patient experience begins long before they step foot in your office. As you have an advertising strategy developed, consider prospective patients’ experience as they visit your website. Once they’ve found your site through a search engine, they need to be presented with content and design that reflects your dental practice’s professionalism, skill, and knowledge. This is your first connection with these patients, and we want to make sure that it sets the right tone for the rest of your relationship.

Through our field research and tested processes, we can confidently say that hiring a UX design specialist can significantly influence a visitor’s user experience. These professionals are skilled at evaluating the market and crafting content that is suited for your audience. We have a team of experts that are well-versed in web design and content creation so that we can hone in on your potential patients and deliver a user-friendly experience that will inspire them to book their first appointment.

As you establish a digital marketing budget, include the average cost for this service to determine if hiring a designer is possible with consideration for your existing budget. Your practice is already skilled at providing a welcoming patient experience when they enter through your doors. Let us help you extend this environment to the first moment they see your office’s name online.

Drive Traffic To Your Dental Practice Now – Google PPC Digital Marketing

Pay-per-click ads internet marketing is a form of advertising that converts patients who interact with your practice online into a tangible return on your investment. PPC ads are a very popular dental marketing tool because they use targeted keywords, professionally developed content, and high conversion landing pages to attract a specific audience.

As you know, the more targeted your marketing campaigns are. is directly related to how cost-efficient the message is to advertise. These ads can be a great way to move your dental practice to the first page of Google search results and grow your practice in the process.

SEO Results From One Of Our Dental Marketing Campaigns

Drive Traffic Later With Local SEO - Google My Business

Investing in search engine optimization as part of your dental marketing is a long-term online marketing strategy that produces long-term results. Google looks at various factors to determine the positioning of your practice among organic listings on the search engine results page. SEO combines multiple strategies that work together to craft a more Google-friendly online presence. As you improve your SEO strategy, the higher on the list your name and Google My Business page will appear and the more likely it is that new patients will see your name and establish a connection.

This is considered a more long-term dental marketing solution because it can take up to 4 to 6 months for your SEO practices to show results. After 12 months, you’ll see a significant change in your practice’s standing on the Google results page. It all contributes to improving your brand recognition and attracting patients to your business by having a commanding Google presence that receives more clicks. While this investment may take some time to mature, it pays for itself in the end.

Customized Consultant Approach

Similar to how not every healthcare provider is well-suited to provide dental care, not every marketing agency is fit to create effective marketing strategies for dental practices. It takes a skilled team of experts with unique insight into the dental industry and an understanding of your patient base’s needs. By hiring an dental marketing agency like ours, you’re ensuring that you benefit from a customized approach that appeals to your new patients.

Luke Infinger - Cofounder - Dental Marketing Expert

Our extensive experience in dental marketing allows us to assist you in various areas that we’ve mastered, such as:

  • Web design / user experience (UX) design
  • Local SEO strategies
  • Google My Business
  • PPC strategies
  • Video production for dentists
  • Social media management

Return on Investments Through Web Marketing Efforts

If your internet marketing plan is effective, it will make you more money than it costs. The benefit of hiring a dental marketing agency is that your results will be consistently measured and strategies can be better optimized for maximum results. If you have no way to measure your return on investment, you may suffer from an inefficient marketing and social media campaign.

Hire a Dentist Internet Marketing Agency for Reputation Management

Any online marketing you invest in should include reputation management, especially for newer dentists looking to see your advertising model results. We have conducted vast market research and engineered the perfect tools to grow your online presence and cultivate your practice’s reputation through strategies such as:

  • Professional social media profiles
  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Keyword focused blog posts
  • Analysis of competitors

These methods are crucial in attracting new patients and building upon the foundation you’ve laid for current patients. You have unique services that prospective patients are looking for, and these platforms are excellent ways to educate people on what makes your dental practice such an authority. The best way to ensure your marketing dollars are being well spent is to hire an agency with a commitment to results that can facilitate call recording analytics, social media marketing, cost per lead statistics, and new patient sources verification processes.

Tracking The ROI On Your Dental Marketing

Whether or not you are using a marketing consultant, it is essential to track your ROI for your dental marketing campaigns so that you can keep track of how much money you’re spending and receiving annually. This will inform your marketing budget and allow you to make better decisions on how to move forward.

Video Production for Dentists

Many internet users spend large amounts of time online watching videos, and you can use this activity to your advantage. Through video production and marketing, you can capture your targeted audience’s attention and inform them of your practice. We suggest that you include videos in your digital dental marketing campaigns and post these productions to your website, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media accounts. These videos give you the opportunity to engage viewers and turn them into patients.

There are several types of video content you can include, such as:

  • Practice overview videos
  • Dental patient education videos
  • Testimonials
  • Before and after videos
  • Hygiene skill reviews
  • Patient reviews
Practice Overview

Practice overview videos serve as an opportunity for you to explain to your viewers all that your practice has to offer and allow them to get to know your team. These videos are typically between a minute to a minute and a half long. Although this video is short, it will make a big impact on prospective patients and will help you cultivate a connection before they even come in for their first appointment.

Patient Education

Patient education videos are demonstrations that educate your patients on treatment processes and your cosmetic services so that they feel as if they have enough information to make an educated decision. These videos can highlight your work through 3D animation to make it easier for the viewer to understand.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

You’ve worked hard to earn your patient base’s trust through consistent results and cultivating a great environment, which is best showcased through testimonial videos and online patient reviews. Think of these testimonials as digital-age word-of-mouth referrals. Prospective patients look to reviews to evaluate a dental practice they’ve never been to and seeing current patients praise your work and results will encourage them to book an appointment. This is a highly effective marketing campaign that inspires both current and new patients who view the video to visit your office as soon as possible.

Share Patient Results

Before and after pictures are common among dental practices, but a video version of these transformations may better reflect your practice’s skills. Patients tend to trust videos more than images because they are more detailed and not as easily edited. Prospective clients are looking for quality processes and results they can trust. By creating a few simple videos after various procedures, you can display the quality that people seek in an implant practice.

Hygiene Skill Reviews

Allow your talented hygienist’ personalities to shine and feature them in videos that educate viewers on the best dental hygiene practices. Patients enjoy seeing faces they recognize, and these videos can be an excellent opportunity to remind patients about good brushing habits and teach them how to properly care for their retainers or braces. These videos are easy to create and are often the most popular dental-related video content. Highlight the best features of your successful dental practice and invite viewers to learn more about good hygiene habits while establishing a connection with your hygienists.

Effective Video Production

If you desire to have an edge on the competition and cultivate a website that stands out from the crowd, video production is the perfect tool. Custom videos strengthen your online presence by allowing site visitors to visually connect with your team and making them feel more educated about your dental office. This connection will attract new patients and heighten the amount of high-value cases you receive. Not only do high-quality videos make your site more enticing, but they also help your practice’s website soar through SEO rankings so that your name is one of the first things they see after a Google search.

Final Thoughts

Your practice has perfected processes and skilled team members and using digital marketing campaigns such as social media and customized messaging ensures that you can educate a larger audience of patients about your elite dental office and services. By drawing in more prospective patients and showcasing your expertise and professionalism, you will increase new patient appointments, and your dental practice will enjoy a huge increase in revenue.

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