Are you concerned that your practice is paying too much for credit card processing fees? HIP has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) as part of our ongoing mission to continually look for ways to add value for orthodontist clients. We’re excited to add this new vendor to help save our clients money on their credit card processing expenses.

Who is MCC and what do they do?

MCC is a third-party credit card consulting company that helps medical and dental practices like yours save money on credit card processing fees without having to switch processing companies and deal with all of the hassle and expense associated with making such a change. When you work with MCC, nothing changes except the money you pay your credit card processing vendor.

How does this work? MCC simply uses their expertise and relationships to renegotiate your current credit card processing rates (with your current company). However, they don’t stop there. They continue to work with your practice and act as a watchdog to make sure that fees stay the way they were negotiated and that the processing company doesn’t add any hidden fees.

There is no upfront fee for working with MCC. Their compensation is based on the money they save you. If your practice doesn’t save money, you don’t owe MCC a dime.

How MCC works in a real orthodontic practice

You might be thinking that working with MCC sounds good in the abstract, but wonder how it would really work for your practice. Let us share a real-life example. Village Orthodontics, a three-office practice in Maryland, started working with MCC last year. They use a practice software package that doesn’t leave them many options as to what credit card processing company to use. The doctor was concerned that he was overpaying for credit card fees, but since the package was bundled, he didn’t see any way to determine whether this was true or not. The doctor contacted MCC and they analyzed six months of the practice’s credit card records and fees. They were able to reduce the cost of these fees by 34 percent — or around $920 per month, all without changing software or retraining employees on a new system.

[Check out the case study here]

How can you get in touch with MCC

To learn more about working with MCC and to find out whether you can save money on your practice’s credit card fees without switching credit card processing companies, contact MCC online at, by email at, or by phone at 860 625-3261.

At HIP, we understand how challenging it can be for an orthodontics practice to make a profit, especially in these challenging times. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for companies like MCC who can save our clients money. To learn more about marketing your practice with HIP, complete the form on our contact page or email us at