As an orthodontist, you need every edge to keep ahead of your competition. Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and practices is essential. So is building your network of ambitious orthodontists you can learn from and exchange ideas with.

Attending some of the best dental conferences is a great way to level up both of these skills at once. In addition, conferences are an opportunity to learn, network with other professionals, and gain new insights to help you scale your practice quickly and predictably.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best dental conferences for orthodontists to attend. There are a wide variety of events here, often with a specific focus or audience. We’ve given the most attention to national conferences in the USA, but we’ve also broken out a few international, regional, and specialized conferences that may appeal to you.

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National Dental Conferences (USA)

American Association Of Orthodontists Annual Session

If you want to know what’s happening in the orthodontics world, you should have The American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session circled on your calendar. The AAO is the oldest and largest dental specialty organization and represents nearly 19,000 orthodontist members.

The conference offers a variety of engaging educational sessions on clinical and practice management topics, plus an exhibit hall featuring the latest equipment and services. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other professionals, learn about the latest research, and earn continuing education credits.

Fishbein Fundamentals

Ready to take your practice to new heights? Fishbein Fundamentals, presented by Fishbein Orthodontics and sponsored by HIP, is an orthodontic conference that teaches you how to get more patients and scale your business efficiently.

Hosted by Dr. Ben Fishbein, this event focuses on orthodontic practice management and marketing, two topics that Fishbein Orthodontics has mastered while becoming one of the fastest-growing ortho practices in the country. This value-packed 1.5-day event has helped practices grow up to 300%, making it well worth the price of your trip!

Envista Summit

The Envista Summit is hosted live in Las Vegas, Nevada but is also available as a virtual experience. The conference is focused heavily on innovation in dentistry, including orthodontics, general dentistry, implantology, and endodontics.

The event features a combination of hands-on sessions and industry-renowned speakers. It’s a great place to meet, mingle and grow your network while leveling up your clinical and business skills.

Mother Of Pearls Conference

This conference will bring over 500 orthodontists and some of the biggest names in orthodontics to sunny San Diego, California, this October. In addition, you can learn about the creative impact of social media on growing your brand from Dr. Grant Collins, aka The Braces Guy®.

And learn all about attracting and converting digital leads from Dr. Kyle Fagala of Saddle Creek Orthodontics and HIP’s own Harrison Bagdan. With a Friday night Top Gun-themed party on the USS Midway, MOPC will be a great place to meet your colleagues, build your network, and sharpen your skills to grow your practice.

Orthoprenuers Summit

Do you want more profits and lower stress? That’s what the Orthpreneurs Summit is promising to its visitors. While a lot of conferences focus on clinical topics and new products, this orthodontic conference is focused solely on the business of orthodontics. It features speakers and sessions designed to help you help master things like marketing, social media, SEO, hiring, managing, financial management, culture building, and HR.

If you’re confident in your clinical skills but have trouble getting the growth you want, this event in Orlando, Florida, might be the place for you. This year, they’ll feature 20+ speakers and offer the opportunity to earn up to 18 Continuing Education credits. Check it out!

American Dental Association Annual Meeting (SmileCon)

The American Dental Association Annual Meeting is a comprehensive event that covers a wide range of dental topics, including orthodontics. It’s one of the most significant dental conferences in the US, and other groups, including the American Association of Orthodontists, often host concurrent events at the same location.

Attendees can participate in educational sessions, network with other professionals, and explore the latest products and services in the exhibit hall. It may not be exclusively orthodontics, but SmileCon has much to offer orthodontists who want to build their network and stay on top of trends.

The Women In Orthodontics Annual Conference

If you’re a woman in orthodontics, this conference is a can’t-miss event. The Women in Orthodontics® Annual Conference brings together over 400 women to discuss strategies and give you support in growing your business.

With women representing over 50% of younger orthodontists, it’s a much-needed forum for women to meet their peers, exchange ideas, and get inspired to shape the future of the orthodontics industry.

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International Dental Conferences

World Federation of Orthodontists Congress

If you want to look beyond our borders to see the latest developments in orthodontics globally, The World Federation of Orthodontists Congress is a biennial event that brings together leading orthodontic professionals worldwide. This conference provides a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments and cutting-edge innovations in orthodontic treatments and technology.

The congress features keynote speakers, symposiums, and workshops covering various orthodontics topics, including clinical practice, research, and education. And, of course, you can network with colleagues worldwide, explore the latest orthodontic products, and participate in hands-on workshops.

International Orthodontic Symposium

The title for this year’s event hosted by the International Orthodontics Foundation is “Advances in Clinical Orthodontics: Steering Into The Future.” According to their website, the symposium will “cover a wide range of topics including translational research, development and application of new appliances and technologies, and a key aspect of modern orthodontics practice with increasing patient needs.”

IOS is another must-see event for the biggest names in orthodontics around the world. The flight to Hong Kong might be a significant time investment, but you’ll be rewarded with 2.5 days of in-depth insights into the future of orthodontic technology. If you’re determined to be on the leading edge of technology adoption, it’s a dental conference for orthodontists you should consider.

Regional Conferences

Southwest Society Of Orthodontists Annual Meeting

The Southwest Society of Orthodontists hosts this regional conference in conjunction with the Southern Association of Orthodontists. Combined, the two organizations represent a large swath of southeastern and southern US, from Virginia to Texas and most of the states in between.

This year’s event will be hosted in Amelia Island, Florida, with keynote speaker Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow. in the southwestern United States. In addition, attendees can learn about the latest trends and techniques and network with other regional professionals. So if you’re an orthodontist in this region and looking to network and learn in a sun-filled and fun environment, this is the conference for you!

Pacific Coast Society Of Orthodontists Annual Session

The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Annual Session was created to support orthodontists living in the western United States. This year it will be hosted at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. You can attend educational sessions and workshops and network with your peers. Plus, there will be many innovative products and in-demand services to check out as you walk the halls with your peers.

Specialty Conferences

American Lingual Orthodontic Association Annual Meeting

The American Lingual Orthodontic Association Annual Meeting is an event specifically designed for lingual orthodontists. Attendees can learn about the latest advancements in lingual orthodontics, share best practices, and network with other orthodontists. If you’re practicing lingual orthodontics, there’s no better event to level up your skills and knowledge.

Graduate Orthodontics Residents Program (GORP)

Are you still in residency and looking to learn and meet other young orthodontists? This conference is exclusively for orthodontics residents, and last year almost 500 aspiring orthodontists showed up to check out new products and services and build their networks. Orthodontic residents shouldn’t miss it!

With this extensive list of dental conferences for orthodontists, you should have found several that could help you level up your skills and grow your network. So challenge yourself to get to at least one or two each year.

It may seem like you’ll lose business if you’re out of the office, but the skills and connections you learn at these events will help your orthodontics practice grow even faster. Good luck!