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Delivering a VIP Patient Experience

By Luke Infinger
| Mar 1, 2018

Today’s episode of All Things Business for Physicians features David Staughton from Melbourne, Australia, a geologist-turned-hospitality-entrepreneur-turned-business-growth-expert who is now a consultant for private practice owners. Tune into this episode to learn about: What makes or breaks the patient experience, and why practices often struggle with providing a good one. Why it’s so crucial to find and hire…
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How to Keep Your Practice Compliant When Hiring

By Luke Infinger
| Feb 27, 2018

How to Hire New Employees for Your Medical Practice and Stay Compliant With Discrimination Laws One thing not covered in medical school is how to run a medical practice. Solo and group practices are usually organized so that the owning physician(s) or their practice manager conduct employment interviews. From posting the open position until making…
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Patient Acquisitions: Speed to Lead and Customer Service

By Luke Infinger
| Feb 23, 2018

This episode of All Things Business for Physicians features special guest Scott Hansen, founder, and owner of OrthoChats. OrthoChats is a premier, professionally managed, 24/7, live online chat service exclusively for orthodontists and their practices. Since launching his business, Scott’s company has also been serving other healthcare specialists including dentists, audiologists, and so on. Scott…
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