The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™ maximizes your ability to use patient data to connect to new patients, retain existing patients, and grow your practice. This unique Orthodontic Framework has helped our clients grow their revenue by over 400%.

The Framework provides multiple benefits to your practice:

  • Fully automated, eliminates human error
  • Provides consistent flow of new patients
  • Reduces staff time spent on data entry and updates
  • Tracks patient status and response from start to finish
  • Delivers a better patient experience


The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework is an invaluable tool not only for attracting new patient - more importantly, it encourages an ongoing communication between your patients and your practice. As your practice faces increasing competition and other challenges, you’ll be able to strategically market your services to a select target group.

Capturing the Lead

Training your staff is an important component of the Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework (known as P.A.R.F.). We’ll work with them to maximize the potential of the initial patient call as well as create all the content needed to engage your leads and convert them into patients.

Retaining the Lead

After the initial consultation, patients will receive automatic follow-up emails with additional description of treatments, financing options, links to blogs, informational packets, and your business website for further information.

Creating Brand Advocates

The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework empowers your staff to provide outstanding customer service to your patients. They will experience a seamless process and will receive regular updates and notifications via email. Patient testimonials and reviews are encouraged and referrals are rewarded.


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