Nothing captures your patient’s eye online like video. So if you aren’t using TikTok yet, you’re missing out on a free channel for marketing your practice. Using social media to promote your orthodontic practice adds another dimension to your branding.

Creating a strong presence on social media is critical to building a powerful regional brand in today’s marketplace. And TikTok is a unique platform that lets you add a strong dose of personality to your online presence— that’s something a Facebook Ad for a free consultation can’t do.

TikTok marketing for dentists is an effective way to capitalize on the latest trends, tie in with a hot topic, or even capitalize on the momentum of a viral video. However, you might be skeptical that TikTok is the right medium for reaching your audience. Or you might be intimidated or confused as to how to make it work for you.

So let’s look at examples of how dentists and orthodontists are using TikTok right now to reach more patients.

How Can Your Dental or Orthodontic Practice Use TikTok to Reach More Patients?

Check out these dentists’ TikTok accounts to see how they home in on what they do best and what their patients need, and then they create unique content around that.

They’re all dentists or orthodontists, but each TikTok account offers a unique perspective or fun new angle. So take a look and see what you can add or what’s missing from your social media. There’s tons of great inspiration to get your dental TikTok strategy off and running!

1. @thebentist shows dentists what’s possible with TikTok

No list of TikTok dentists would be complete without The Bentist. With 12.9 million followers, Dr. Ben Winters has made social media TikTok a huge part of his online marketing. TikTok Duets lets you do video comments and reactions to other viral dental TikToks so you can join in. The Bentist takes TikTok fun and turns it up to ELEVEN, attracting swarms of new patients for his practice!

2. @thebracesguy is TikTok’s top orthodontist

Dr. Grant Collins has attracted over 4M followers to his orthodontic TikTok account by mixing education with entertainment. His video on dealing with a broken retainer wire got over 9 million views! So you can bet he’s not having trouble filling consult slots at his practice these days.

3. Pushing the envelope with TikTok dentist @dr.richardlam

Dr. Richard Lam adds a hint of edgy pop culture to his posts, and with 400k followers and counting, it’s a recipe that’s working! He puts a dental twist on the hottest songs in the club, the latest movie, or other trending topics to make his account a meme-worthy follow. Of course, these aren’t for everybody, so know your audience before you try this at home.

4. Lifesmiles of the rich and famous from @veneercheck

Dr. Sara’s channel goes behind the scenes on how celebrities get that perfect smile. She goes back to pics from early in their careers–probably too early for some celebs!–and breaks down the steps they’ve taken to get their smiles red-carpet-ready. Maybe they’re born with it; maybe it’s their orthodontist!

5. The next million-follower TikTok dentist? @drzmackie

Dr. Zainab Mackie has 913.5k followers, so she’s poised to make this list outdated when she breaks a million. Her channel is filled with helpful tips and answers to questions from her online followers. Her channel perfectly balances the entertainment side while providing real value to her followers.

6. Thank @drsurinasehgal for that song stuck in your head!

If you want a soundtrack to dental hygiene, then Dr. Surina Sehgal’s TikTok channel has got you covered. She’s got helpful tips to care for your teeth with a bit of hygiene myth-busting thrown in, all to a mixtape of catchy pop songs that get her patients hooked on the content she creates.

7. Know your brand like @cg_smile

CG Smile specializes in cosmetic dentistry, so they know their customers come to them to add some glitz and glam to their smile. Their TikTok pokes fun at high fashion, runway shows, and getting spendy for some Fendi. If you don’t catch CG Smile on TikTok, you’ll find them getting bottle service at the hottest club. They know their audience, that’s for sure!

8. Follow the latest TikTok hashtag like @advancedorthodontics

The team at Advanced Orthodontics knows how to connect with a younger audience. Did you know Taylor Swift just dropped a new album? Advanced Orthodontics did, and they’re hitting up all the #taylornation hashtags, so the Swifties know the coolest place to straighten their smile.

9. @drshullman shows all it takes is a smartphone

Dr. Shullman is a great ortho account to follow and the perfect example of what any orthodontist can do even without a professional social media content team. There are great braces before/afters, teeth whitening before/afters and helpful tips on maintaining your Invisalign, and many other orthodontic do’s and don’ts.

10. Can TikTok teach? @jb_ortho says yes!

More people are looking for orthodontic treatment beyond their teenage years, and Dr. G knows just how to market to an information-driven adult patient. He uses his TikTok channel as a supplemental resource for educating his patients. He may not have the following of some other dentists on this list, but you don’t need to go viral to provide something extra for your patients.

11. @weilerortho is a small orthodontic practice with BIG TikTok personality

A social media account is your chance to show off some personality. In a crowded and competitive market, it may be the one thing you need to stick out from the rest of the pack. Weiler Orthodontics gives you an everyday look at a practice and throws in a few pranks with the boss. Looks like a fun place to visit, and if that’s all you do with your TikTok, it’s a win!

12. Living that #ortholife with @drarielmitch

What happens before the doors of your practice open? Dr. Arial gives you a behind the scenes look at the life of a working orthodontist who keeps the work/life balance in check. By pulling back the curtain on her personal routine, she shows her patients the hard work behind that professional look. After all, being a real pro doesn’t stop outside the doors of your practice.

13. Eat this, not that with @bracesbybritt

It’s safe to say Dr. Britteny L. Zito has seen more busted brackets than March Madness but does saying hello to a new smile mean patients need to say goodbye to the foods they love? Dr. Zito has gained over 270,000 followers by answering that simple question. So, if patients want to know if they can indulge in that crunchy savory snack or some chocolate-covered nougat, the answer is now on TikTok.

14. @juliedavisdds is a new mom’s best friend

With almost 200,000 followers, Dr. Julia Davis uses TikTok to offer pediatric dental tips and advice to moms and dads. While social media may not be the first place you’d turn for medical advice, Dr. Davis is helping people raise healthier children and raising her practice’s profile in the process!

15. @drkennywilstead‘s extreme TikTok dentist transformations

For truly dramatic before and after videos, look no further than Dr. Kenny Wilstead. These extreme transformations will tug at viewers’ heartstrings. Dr. Kenny knows what makes his practice stand out, and his TikTok attracts dental patients outside of his local area who thought their smile was too far gone for treatment. So if you want that kind of reach, take a page out of Dr. Kenny’s book.

Social Media Marketing is Essential for Any Dental or Orthodontic Practice Today

Your patients live on social media, so if you’re not on their favorite platforms, many of them will never find you. And social media today is more than just organic Facebook posts— you need a strategic plan for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

If you want to use social media to build your brand HIP can help. Organic and paid social media are a part of the formula we’ve used to create over $100 million of growth for our orthodontics partners nationwide.

We’ll pull back the curtain on the exact tactics we’ve used to help build some of the nation’s fastest-growing 7-figure and 8-figure orthodontics brands.

It’s time to grow your brand’s reach to start more patients, so schedule a free consultation with us today!