What can a social media platform known for dance challenges and viral trends do for your dental business? Absolutely! As TikTok has grown, dental practices are finding it an ideal space to connect with potential patients and showcase their services in a fun, engaging way.

Want some insights into how to leverage viral marketing for dentists? Then keep reading because this article will show you exactly how to use TikTok to grow your dental practice in 2024.

Why Use TikTok Marketing For Dentists?

TikTok is no longer a second-level social media platform. In fact, it’s blown past Snapchat to become the #3 social media platform worldwide by number of users, trailing only Instagram and Facebook. But, unlike Facebook, its user base skews very young, and 90% of its users use it daily.

So, if you want to create loyalty with younger patients in your area who can become patients for life, it is the top channel to master. TikTok allows your dental clinic to develop engaging and informative content that builds a personal connection and shows your practice’s human side. It’s something that Facebook ads, direct mail promotions, or highway billboards simply can’t do.

Content Ideas For Dental Practices On TikTok

But if you want to gain any attention on such a hyperactive platform, you’ll need to create content that’s both engaging and educational, which can be more challenging than it sounds. You’ve got millions of people fighting for your potential patients’ attention, so your content needs to shine.

Here are a few ideas for successful dental practice marketing on TikTok:

How-To Videos

When recorded with fun personalities and well-shot footage, how-to videos can help your dental practice grab attention online. Some popular how-to video ideas for dental practices on TikTok include proper brushing techniques, flossing methods, and debunking common dental myths.

By offering quick or counter-intuitive practical advice on maintaining good oral hygiene, your practice can capitalize on curiosity to grab your ideal patient’s attention.

Patient Testimonials

Sharing dramatic before-and-after videos of satisfied patients and emphasizing the spectacular transformations will make people stop scrolling and pay attention to your practice. After all, most people hate something about their teeth. If they can see your practice solving the same problem (or a WORSE problem) in someone else, they’ll believe you can also work miracles in their mouth.

Testimonials on TikTok can also make your clinic more personable, as can introducing your dental team and sharing behind-the-scenes footage. Patients today value authenticity, and showing that your team is human and relatable will help potential patients feel more comfortable and connected with your practice.

Dental Procedure Demonstrations

Dental procedure demonstrations can demystify the process of dentistry for potential patients. Getting a dentist’s view of what it looks like to perform a root canal or fill a cavity is interesting to patients, who don’t usually get to see what you do. Step-by-step explanations of dental procedures can also eliminate the mystery and fear patients feel while showcasing the skill and precision necessary to do your job.

More Great TikTok Marketing Ideas For Dentists

  • Create behind-the-scenes footage that brings patients into your world.
  • Share reaction videos of staff and patients.
  • Provide oral health tips and advice in an entertaining way.
  • Showcase stunning before and after transformations.
  • Host Q&A sessions to answer your followers’ dental questions.

Leveraging TikTok Features For Dental Marketing

As with any social media platform, you’ll need to leverage the platform’s unique features to maximize your dental practice’s exposure on TikTok. Here are a few you should know about:


Similar to other social platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, strategically using hashtags related to teeth, dental hygiene, trending events/holidays, or topics can help dentists reach potential patients and engage more effectively. But don’t go overboard too many hashtags can hurt your video’s performance. So, focus on a few key hashtags that are most relevant.

Trending Sounds

As much as TikTok is a visual platform, it’s an audio platform, too. Using sounds in your dental practice’s TikTok content is essential to get engagement. Incorporating popular audio clips and music your target audience knows will connect you with viewers on a deeper level and boost the likelihood of your content being shared. Find current popular sounds by exploring the “Discover” tab to see what other successful dentists use in their videos.


TikTok challenges let you jump onto popular trends and create fun, relatable content that connects with younger patients. Challenges help you show off your creativity and authenticity, qualities that can help attract new patients. Participating in challenges allows you to leverage a trend without creating a buzz on your own. Challenges get views organically, so you have a better chance of growing your TikTok presence by reaching a wider audience.

TikTok Ads

If you want to maximize your marketing budget and drive conversions, TikTok Ads are worth a look. It’s still less structured than Facebook ads, but that means that a savvy marketer can often get a very strong return on investment. Creating engaging, informative, and creative ads is vital to the success of TikTok advertising for dental practices. If you’re looking for a new channel to drive leads, give TikTok a look.

Tips For Growing Your Dental Practice’s TikTok Presence

Growing your dental practice’s TikTok presence today is worth the effort because it looks like TikTok is here to stay. Getting started early will help you develop a following before other dentists in your area.

So here are some top tips for raising your profile on the app:

  • Be Consistent Set a regular posting schedule and show up, preferably every day. The more chances you give yourself, the more likely you are to win new followers.
  • Be Authentic TikTok users want to see the “real” you. So drop the pretense of being a doctor and let the personality of you and your team shine through!
  • Engage Your Audience Engaging with your followers by answering questions, responding to comments, and hosting live Q&A sessions to build a deeper relationship.
  • Stay Up-To-Date Keep on top of trending topics, challenges, and new features on the app. Appoint a point person who uses TikTok in their personal life to keep you informed.
  • Collaborate On social media, a high tide rises all ships. Don’t be overly competitive or afraid to collaborate with other dental practices. There are enough patients for everybody!
  • Leverage Influencers If you have patients or local influencers that align with your brand values, use them to increase your reach. Maybe exchange free treatment in return for promotion.

Finally, promote your TikTok content across other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Shorts to drive more traffic to your TikTok account.


TikTok marketing offers your dental practice an unparalleled opportunity to connect with potential patients and showcase your services in a fun, engaging way. By creating valuable content, leveraging TikTok features, and maintaining a consistent and authentic presence, dental practices can build trust, establish their expertise, and attract new patients.

Now, you know how to maximize TikTok marketing for dentists in 2023. So, get out there and create a TikTok account if you haven’t already. Embrace the power of social media and transform your dental marketing strategy!