Attracting new patients to your dental practice might not be what inspires you most about your job. Still, it is priority #1 for the growth and success of your business. With the right strategies in place, you can attract new patients and keep them coming back for years to come, setting yourself up for decades of success.

In this article, we’ll provide you with proven strategies that dentists like you use today to attract new patients to their dental practices.

How Should You Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice?

When you think about attracting new dental patients, your mind probably shoots right to marketing. And marketing is vital in bringing in more new patients, but it’s far from the only thing that matters.

Every aspect of your operation— from how you welcome your patients to your website to the pricing and payment options you offer to what your patients say about you to their friends and family—impacts your ability to attract and convert new patients.

If you want to be genuinely successful and dominate your market, attracting new patients should be something you think about every day so that every employee on your team considers it their personal responsibility.

Okay, let’s jump into some practical strategies you can implement now to attract new patients to your dental practice.

Marketing Strategies

Acquiring fresh clientele for your dental practice depends significantly on your marketing efforts. You’ll have many marketing approaches at your disposal, each offering a unique way to reach your target patients and bolster your patient portfolio.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective strategies you could adopt:

1) Online Advertising

Online advertising is a potent tool for attracting new patients that every dental practice should use today. It’s a cost-effective marketing channel that enables you to target specific audiences precisely.

With Google Ads, you can home in on specific keywords linked to your dental practice, putting your practice in front of individuals searching explicitly for your services. Moreover, retargeting ads are vital in reconnecting with potential patients who have visited your website but have yet to book an appointment.

Finally, the average person now spends more than two and a half hours per day on social media! So paid advertising on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, is a no-brainer. It allows you to reach millions of potential new patients where they spend most of their time. Give them the option to connect with your office without leaving their phone, and watch your new appointment bookings rise!

2) Organic Social Media Marketing

Embracing social media marketing can significantly enhance your brand recognition and engagement with prospective patients. In addition to paid social ads discussed above, making organic posts to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter allows you to distribute engaging content, publicize your services, and interact with your potential patients.

Try to share content that inspires your audience—like smiling patients, friendly team members, behind-the-scenes videos, and patient testimonials. Social media is not the place to post clinical photos or get too technical— grabbing attention is the name of the game.

So draft a consistent posting schedule and regularly engage with comments and messages to let patients know you care. Showing a bit of personality online makes potential patients more likely to choose your practice when they require dental services.

3) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing your website to attain higher rankings on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). A high rank will significantly increase your visibility to prospective patients in your area. This task involves employing relevant keywords, curating engaging content, and ensuring a mobile-friendly website design.

By refining your website’s SEO strategy, you’ll draw more organic (non-paid) traffic, making it much easier for potential patients to discover your practice during an online search. As most people don’t venture past the first page of search results, you need to excel at this to stand out.

The good news is that you don’t need to be the #1 dentist in the world to rank highly. Google searches use a patient’s location when deciding which results to display. So winning at local SEO is most important to ensure your practice shows up before your competition.

4) Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile is crucial in establishing a robust online presence. This profile allows potential patients to discover your practice through Google Search and Google Maps, providing quick access to essential details like your hours of operation, website link, and contact information.

Additionally, your Google Business Profile allows for customer reviews, where satisfied patients can share their positive experiences. Actively managing and responding to these reviews further demonstrates your practice’s commitment to patient satisfaction, which can be a powerful attraction for potential patients.

In fact, you could argue that your Google Business Profile is even more important than SEO at this stage of the game. Be 100% sure yours is active, optimized, and constantly updated, and you’ll attract new patients to your dental practice.

5) Local Advertising

While maximizing your digital marketing strategies, don’t overlook the impact of traditional forms of local advertising. Local ads can include:

  • Advertising in local magazines.
  • Participating in community events.
  • Sponsoring local sports teams.
  • Using direct mail targeted to specific neighborhoods.

Local magazine advertising can provide exposure to an engaged community audience. Meanwhile, events like health fairs and community festivals offer a chance for face-to-face interactions, letting potential patients get to know you and your team personally. And sponsoring local youth sports teams supports your community and promotes your brand in a public and recurring setting.

Lastly, direct mail—postcards or flyers detailing your services and special offers—can be an effective, tangible reminder of your practice in local homes. 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions. If you’re going to do it, be sure you attract new patients with an offer that’s so incredible that your community can’t say no!

6) Outdoor Advertising

In the world of advertising, sometimes bigger is indeed better. Outdoor advertising offers an effective method to reach a broad audience, raising awareness of your practice. With their high-profile visibility, billboards can make a big statement about the quality of your services and the value of your special offers.

Similarly, bus shelter ads provide high-traffic exposure and reach pedestrians, drivers, and commuters alike.

By strategically placing these ads in specific neighborhoods or along busy routes, you can ensure your message reaches diverse demographics, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential patients who otherwise would never find your practice.

Marketing plays a front-line role in attracting new patients to your dental practice, but it’s not the only tool in your toolbox. So now let’s look at other ways to boost new appointment bookings.

Patient Experience

The patient experience is vital to your dental practice’s success, including attracting new patients. Not only do new patients want to feel comfortable and appreciated, but they also need to trust that they will receive high-quality care. And when they do that, they’ll tell everyone they know about it, and you’ll be overrun with referral business.

In this section, we delve into strategies you can employ to enhance your patient experience, ensuring you attract new patients and retain them for the long term.

7) Winning First Impressions

The initial impression your dental office makes will heavily influence a potential patient’s decision to choose your practice over a competitor. A welcoming, clean, and well-organized office instantly puts new patients at ease.

Here are some proven strategies to make the most of your first impression:

  • Position a receptionist with a warm, welcoming demeanor at your front desk. Consistently greet patients with a friendly smile and kind words.
  • Offer refreshments such as water or tea to patients as they wait for their appointments. This small gesture can make your patients feel like guests rather than customers.
  • Prioritize comfort in your waiting area with ample, cozy seating options to accommodate patients of all ages and abilities. Add some toys or paper and crayons for the little ones.
  • Display positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied patients prominently in your office. This can reassure new patients of the high-quality care you provide.
  • Regularly clean and organize your office; a tidy space indicates a professional, competent practice.

8) Patient Referral Program

A patient referral program can significantly boost your practice’s growth. Word of mouth remains a powerful marketing force, and satisfied patients are often eager to recommend services they trust.

Here’s how to foster a successful patient referral program:

  • Reward patients who refer others to your practice, perhaps with discounts or a gift. This not only encourages referrals but also demonstrates your appreciation.
  • Make referrals easy with dedicated referral cards or a simple online process that patients can share with their network.
  • Follow up with referred patients to ensure their experience was positive, making adjustments where necessary.

9) Patient Loyalty Program

Establishing a patient loyalty program encourages existing patients to stick with your practice for their dental needs. A program like this lets patients know you value their ongoing trust and patronage.

Here are a few tips to consider when setting up a successful patient loyalty program:

  • Offer periodic rewards or discounts to long-term patients. This could include anything from a percentage off their next service to a complimentary cleaning.
  • Introduce special perks for loyal patients. Priority scheduling or a free teeth whitening session could be great options.
  • Use personalized messages to celebrate special occasions, like birthdays, which can further deepen your relationship with patients.

Enhancing the patient experience is a sure way to attract and retain new patients. By focusing on initial impressions, encouraging referrals, rewarding loyalty, and providing top-notch care, you can cultivate a satisfied patient base that helps your practice thrive.

Winning with Websites

Your dental practice’s website acts as the virtual front door to your practice. In many cases, it’s the first interaction point for potential patients. As such, the importance of a stellar first impression cannot be overstated. In addition, a professionally designed, user-friendly website serves as a beacon, drawing new patients and providing them with an easy way to access the information they need to choose your practice.

Here’s an exploration of some pivotal elements that contribute to user-friendly and high-converting website design:

10) Mobile-Friendly Website Design

In this high-speed, digital age, a mobile-friendly website isn’t merely a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have. In addition, over half of internet searches take place on smartphones, highlighting the importance of a mobile-optimized website.

A responsive design—meaning that your website adjusts its layout and features to fit perfectly on any device, from a desktop to a tablet to a smartphone—ensures that you can attract new patients regardless of their device. In addition, a website that’s easy to navigate and view on a mobile device can significantly enhance potential patients’ browsing experiences, making them more likely to schedule an appointment.

11) Contact Info and Essential Resources

You need to make it easy for visitors to find contact information and any critical information they need to choose your practice. Therefore, your website should prominently feature easy-to-locate contact information—your phone number, email, and physical address—making it straightforward for potential patients to reach out to you with their questions or to book an appointment.

Going further, your website could serve as a resource hub, including items like patient forms available for download, extensive insurance information, and a thorough FAQ section. All these elements work to streamline patients’ interactions with your practice and preemptively answer their questions, reducing the need for time-consuming phone calls or emails.

You can also choose a dental practice management software with a patient portal, giving you a HIPAA-compliant way to communicate sensitive information to streamline the patient experience further.

12) Relevant and Engaging Content

An essential element of an effective website is including relevant and engaging content for potential patients. Use a friendly and approachable tone of voice that speaks to your website visitors and makes them feel welcome and at ease. As a result, they’ll be more comfortable coming in for an appointment.

It may also be beneficial to include a rich array of information about your practice, such as its origins and history, the complete range of services you offer, and introductions to your team members. Finally, use engaging visuals like high-quality photos of your practice and staff and videos of procedures or patient testimonials to create a more engaging browsing experience.

13) Online Booking Capabilities

To meet the needs of ready-to-act patients, consider adding an online booking feature to your website. This allows potential patients to schedule appointments at their convenience without being restricted by your office hours or phone availability.

Online booking improves the patient experience and also lightens the load on your administrative staff by reducing the volume of phone calls they need to handle.

To summarize, a meticulously designed professional website can serve as a potent tool in attracting new patients to your dental practice. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, prominently displays contact information and valuable resources, is populated with relevant and engaging content, and provides modern functionalities such as online booking.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll create a website that appeals to potential patients, promotes your practice effectively, and plays a pivotal role in your growth journey.

Standing Out from the Crowd

To attract new patients to your dental practice in an increasingly competitive market, you need to stand out from the crowd. You can do that through your marketing, your messaging, the patient experience, or through your attitude and services offered.

Here are several ways to help your practice stand out and enhance its appeal to prospective patients:

14) Unique Selling Proposition

One highly-effective way to set your practice apart from others in your vicinity is to develop a compelling, unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP is a concise statement outlining what makes your practice unique and why patients should opt for your services.

For instance, your USP could be based on a particular specialty or treatment you provide that’s rare in your area, such as sedation dentistry or oral sleep appliances. Alternatively, your USP could emphasize your commitment to giving patients a luxurious, spa-like experience.

Example: Elevation Orthodontics in Nashville, TN, reveals their USP with the headline on their website: “Adulting sucks. Straight teeth don’t.” By focusing specifically on adult clients, they set themselves apart from 99% of orthodontists and have made themselves the go-to office for adult braces in their market.

15) Advanced Office Technologies

Keeping your practice updated with the latest dental technologies can significantly enhance patient care, comfort, and convenience. It also attracts new patients by making them feel they’ll get next-level care.

Consider investing in state-of-the-art equipment like digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, or even laser dentistry tools. Incorporating these cutting-edge technologies can enhance the precision and efficiency of your treatments, making your practice a preferred choice for tech-savvy patients who are willing to pay more for the best care.

16) Teledentistry Services

Virtual dental services can broaden your practice’s reach and make dental care more accessible for patients who live in remote areas, have mobility issues, or just live hectic lives.

Teledentistry allows patients to receive consultations and follow-up care remotely from the comfort of their own homes. Teledentistry experienced explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is here to stay.

The teledentistry industry is expected to grow by more than 230% between now and 2030, so if you don’t get ahead of the curve now, your local competition will leave you in their dust.

17) Luxury Dentistry Services

You can also attract patients by providing a premium, luxury experience for patients. Consider incorporating amenities that go above and beyond the usual dental office offerings, like massage chairs, noise-canceling headphones, and aromatherapy sessions.

These touches transform routine dental appointments into relaxing, spa-like experiences, helping to ease patients’ anxiety and enhance their comfort. And they have the extra benefit of attracting high-paying clientele.

To recap this section, differentiating your dental practice from others is essential in making it more attractive to potential patients. You can achieve this through strategies like crafting a solid unique selling proposition, incorporating advanced technologies, offering teledentistry services, and providing luxury dentistry experiences. Implementing these ideas will set your practice apart to attract a more extensive patient base and grow your practice.

Closing the Deal

Attracting new patients to a dental practice is often an uphill battle, and you can always use a little extra boost. A potent strategy to boost your efforts is the thoughtful implementation of promotions and discounts. In addition, incentives can tip the scales in your favor, encouraging potential patients to choose your services once they’ve narrowed it down to you or a competitor.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of several promotional strategies that effectively attract new patients:

18) Specials and Discounts

Special deals and discounts serve as magnets, drawing new patients to your practice. Consider offering discounts on specific services or treatments, such as a percentage off teeth whitening procedures, or design a package deal exclusively for new patients. This could encompass a comprehensive dental health package, including professional cleaning, dental examination, and X-ray scans.

Remember that the efficacy of these promotions lies in their visibility, so it’s crucial to advertise them across various platforms—on your website, social media pages, local magazines, and direct mail campaigns. Additionally, don’t forget to rotate your promotions to keep them fresh and engaging for prospective patients.

19) Complimentary Consultations

Another high-performing strategy is offering free (complimentary) consultations. These sessions provide an opportunity for potential patients to meet you and your team, ask questions, and experience the ambiance of your practice without any financial commitment. During these consultations, you can discuss various treatment options, guide the patient on the best course of action, and provide an estimated cost breakdown.

Just like your promotions, ensure that your free consultation offer is widely advertised—place it prominently on your website, highlight it in your social media posts, and display it in your office.

20) Flexible Payment Plans

Offering flexible payment plans lowers financial barriers significantly for patients to start treatment. It’s particularly beneficial for those who need extensive treatment but find paying for it all upfront challenging.

You can offer an in-house installment plan or collaborate with a third-party financing company. Of course, you will experience some risk. Still, most dentists find that the additional benefit of increased revenue offsets any losses due to missed payments or service fees.

Again, it’s essential to publicize the availability of payment plans prominently. Put notices on your website and social media accounts, and place informative brochures in your office waiting area.

To wrap up, leveraging promotions and discounts can be a powerful way to pull new patients toward your dental practice. By tactfully offering promotions, complimentary consultations, and easy payment plans, you can incentivize potential patients to prefer your practice. Ensure you broadcast these offers effectively for maximum reach and impact.

Social Proof

For any dental practice, reputation management is a cornerstone activity. According to, “It takes roughly 40 positive customer experiences to undo the damage of a single negative review.” So you simply can’t afford to let unsatisfied patients control the narrative about your practice.

Instead, you must proactively shape your reputation online and via word-of-mouth. Here are some critical areas of focus to efficiently boost your reputation.

21) Online Reviews and Ratings

In this digital era, online reviews and ratings play the most significant role in establishing a stellar reputation. Studies show that 72% of patients view online reviews when choosing a new medical provider, so your growth will suffer if your reputation isn’t up to par.

Consequently, taking a proactive approach to monitoring your online reviews, appreciating positive feedback, and addressing negative comments with tact and professionalism is vital.

Consider implementing automated review requests from your patient management software after appointments to encourage more patient reviews. Doing so will boost your practice’s overall rating and positively impact patient acquisition. And be sure you respond to all reviews, as this reflects your commitment to patient satisfaction and willingness to rectify any issues.

22) Healthgrades

Healthgrades is a widely trusted online healthcare provider directory. Ensuring a robust presence on the Healthcare directory can funnel new patients toward your practice. Ensure your profile remains current with accurate details, complemented with a professional-looking photograph.

Actively encourage your patients to review your practice on Healthgrades, in addition to Google, and ensure you promptly respond to any feedback. Doing so will amplify your overall visibility and create a positive impression on potential patients browsing the platform.

23) Patient Referrals

Leveraging referrals is a tried-and-true method of driving patient growth in the dental industry. People trust the recommendations of those they know more than almost any other source, so having satisfied patients refer their friends, relatives, and colleagues to your practice can be a powerful promotional tool.

To encourage referrals, you can create a referral program. Let your patients know that you value and appreciate their referrals. You might provide a simple, heartfelt thank you, or you could go a step further and offer incentives. These incentives could include service discounts or even gift cards.

Also, remember to make the referral process easy. Providing referral cards or a simple online form can make referring others straightforward for your existing patients. However, even the most satisfied patients may not participate if it’s a hassle.

Maintain a consistent communication strategy to remind your patients about the referral program. For example, you can use email newsletters, social media posts, and in-office signage to ensure patients can’t miss it. In addition, regularly sharing the benefits of referring others and your appreciation for your patients’ trust can significantly boost referral rates.

24) Testimonials

Testimonials are invaluable tools for showcasing your dental practice’s strengths and the positive experiences of your patients. Hearing from others who have had a pleasant experience can help prospective patients trust your practice and feel more comfortable about booking an appointment.

Collecting testimonials from happy patients should be integral to your post-appointment follow-up process. After a successful dental visit, send a follow-up email asking for a testimonial. Ensure you obtain permission to share the testimonial on your various platforms, such as your website and social media.

Moreover, video testimonials can be particularly compelling. They provide a personal touch and authenticity that written testimonials may not fully capture. If your patients are comfortable on camera, consider incorporating video testimonials into your strategy.

Once you’ve gathered testimonials, it’s essential to use them effectively. Dedicate a section of your website to showcase patient testimonials. And be sure to share them on your social media pages. Sharing testimonials not only provides social proof but also helps to keep your online presence fresh and engaging.

Remember, consistency is critical. Regularly updating your testimonials ensures prospective patients see the most recent positive feedback about your practice.

Managing your reputation is a critical aspect of attracting new patients. By actively tracking and managing online reviews and ratings, maintaining a robust presence on healthcare directories like Healthgrades, and encouraging patient referrals and testimonials, you can build a positive reputation and attract new patients to your practice.

You’re Ready to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice!

Attracting new patients to your dental practice can be a challenging task. Still, it is a crucial one for the success of your business. By implementing the strategies discussed in this article, you can increase your chances of attracting and retaining new patients.

Remember that your online presence is critical in today’s digital age. It is essential to have a professional website that is easy to navigate and that highlights your services and expertise. Utilize social media platforms to engage with your audience and showcase your practice’s unique qualities.

Offering promotions and incentives can also be an effective way to attract new patients and nurture relationships with existing ones. In addition, you can create a positive patient experience by providing excellent customer service, leading to referrals and positive reviews.

Finally, remember to track your marketing efforts and measure your result to identify what is working and what needs improvement and adjust your strategies accordingly.

By following these tips, you will attract new patients to your practice and grow your business for years to come.