Leland Orthodontics

Dr. Andrew Leland sought out HIP because he finally realized his “homemade” processes hit a plateau when it came to growth for his practice. After reading Luke Infinger’s Practice Growth series of books, he declared to his team, “we’re transitioning from a small orthodontic practice into an orthodontic business!”

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Sparkman Doctors

Sparkman Orthodontics

When Sparkman Orthodontics joined with HIP, they had worked with many marketing agencies over the years. Dr. Sparkman, an orthodontist who has owned a practice for over 17 years, had his goals set and knew it would take the right partnership to reach those goals. The first goal was a new website. One that would wow patients and streamline the process of getting started with treatment. The second major goal was to reach $10 million in production within two years or less.

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Dr. Castilla & Patient

Castilla Orthodontics

When we met Dr. Ana Castilla, she had been running her practice since 2013, growing it from averaging nine starts per month to now doing well over 1,000 starts per year. Since purchasing the practice, her model has evolved over the years, becoming more specialized and more in-tune with the demographic of her target patients.

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Murphy Orthodontics

Case Study Partner: Murphy OrthodonticsSince: September 2021 From HIP Skeptic To Raving Fan See How 1,178% ROI Turned Into $2.2M In New Revenue https://embed-ssl.wistia.com/deliveries/8ffbe929b2a783e08a3848b3dd42441d8c07ee1e/file.mp4 OVERVIEW When You Want Real Growth, You Need A Partner To Get You There Dr. Craig Murphy kickstarted Murphy Orthodontics by purchasing a small practice in New Orleans that was outdated

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Wentz Orthodontics

When we started working with Wentz Orthodontics, they were a thriving 9-office practice looking for moderate growth. After all, an 8-figure business can only scale so quickly, right? Before they knew what hit them, Wentz was booking 61% more new patient exams than the previous year and dominating both paid and organic results through the Lubbock, Texas area. Let’s take a look at what happened and how Wentz Orthodontics has added as much as $4.5M in gross production in a single year working with HIP.

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Dr. Farina

Farina Orthodontic Specialists

When we started working with Farina Orthodontics in Tampa, Florida, the circumstances for growing a business were about as dire as possible. The COVID pandemic had just struck, and the restrictions were at their worst. People couldn’t leave the house, offices were closed, and uncertainty was everywhere. So, how did we help Dr. Farina and his team continue to find patients for their three locations? And how did we create growth for them while the world economy was paralyzed? Let’s take a look…

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SmileCrew Orthodontics

Dr. Connor Despot bought his practice in Buda, TX, in October of 2019. And while he was planning on growth from the beginning, he describes those early days as “pure chaos.” They were almost 100% dependent on doctor and patient referrals initially, which meant that revenue was unpredictable and outside their control. So they started spending big money on Google ads but couldn’t tell if it was bringing them any business. Dr. Despot was determined to succeed and serve his growing community. And he realized that if he wanted to grow, he’d need to invest in the systems and partners to help him plan, track, and scale that growth. So he hired HIP and implemented our Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework (PARF®). The rest, as they say, is history…

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All Smiles Orthodontics

Dr. Ernie McDowell of AllSmiles Orthodontics always believed in marketing. But while he was willing to invest, he was never sure how much it made sense to spend. Because he couldn’t clearly see what that investment was doing for him. But that all changed after he met HIP. Once we started running ads for him and he could see the ROI directly in our PracticeBeacon CRM software, he was hooked.

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Cassinelli, Shanker, & Baker Orthodontics

Cassinelli, Shanker & Baker Orthodontics is a beloved institution in the Cincinnati area, with a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating on Google on over 650+ reviews. So they’ve done a lot of things right over the years. But when they came to us, they didn’t want to let complacency keep them from realizing their potential. They knew that more growth was possible and wanted a way to squeeze more profit out of their multi-location practice.

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Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth

Dr. Jennifer Orthodontics

When we met Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, she had been running her ‘startup’ practice for 15 years. But, after years of growth and building a well-known practice in the Twin Cities region, her business had hit a wall. And then she met HIP: “I liken it to a rocketship…it was amazing! We started to see the results almost instantly.”

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Fishbein Orthodontics

The City of Pensacola sits at the very end of Florida’s Panhandle, about 10 miles from the Alabama border. In 2020, the entire county checked in at a population of just 316,691 people—so it’s not the first place you’d think to look for the nation’s biggest orthodontic success story.

But Dr. Ben Fishbein didn’t let others’ expectations hold him back. When we met him in 2014, he had already grown a successful $2.6M practice. And while many doctors might have felt satisfied to grow slowly and temper their expectations at that point…not Dr. Ben.

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Knecht Orthodontics

Dr. Kristen Knecht opened the doors to her brand new practice just days before the COVID pandemic hit. From the very beginning she knew Knecht Orthodontics needed a strong brand identity and an enjoyable experience that would convert a potential lead from information gathering to happy patient. With the help of HIP’s Brand Identity Process and Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™, Dr. Knecht brought in over half a million dollars worth of digital leads into her pipeline in just 10 months and during a pandemic.

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